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911 was an inside job.

President Bush appears to have participated in the masterminding/planning of the 9-11 (Sept. 11, 2001) tragedies.
Bush may be the Primary Terrorist and (CIA operative) Bin Laden just helped provide patsies.

Why was the Air Force Grounded? - the Air Force intercepts stray planes

It's standard procedure for the Air Force to intercept commercial airliners that stray from their flight plan more than 10 minutes.
Bush issued an order not to intercept the day before 911.
If a plane went anywhere near the Pentagon or White House, it could have been shot down, but not after Bush's order.

Why did the Twin Towers Collapse?

The twin towers were hit by planes, but expert witnesses
have testified that even the jet fuel would not have been hot enough to bring the buildings down.
According to experts, there is no way the twin towers could have fallen without explosives planted by insiders. (Hi Security)
Analysis of debris blown blocks away showed telltale sulfur and other elements not typical in building materials, but typical in Thermite/Thermate explosives.

Why did Building 7 collapse, when not hit by any plane?

Building 7 was not hit by a plane, but it collapsed about 6 hours later, with no official explanation to date.
It housed the CIA, Secret Service, etc, and may be a good excuse for losing key docs that Bush doesn't want to give Congress.

The Pentagon only had a 16 foot hole from a missile drone

The Pentagon photos released by the press show initially a 16-foot hole in the side of the Pentagon, with no debris.
A 757 would have made a hole bigger than 16 foot, and the wings would have been sheered off outside.
The only engine found, according to the pictures, was one from a small missile drone.

Head Counsel to 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Misinformation

John Farmerís book: ďThe Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11? states that the official version... is almost entirely untrue...

John J. Farmer was Senior Counsel and Team Leader to the 911 Commission.
John J. Farmer is now Dean of Rutgers School of Law -Newark.

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Where's the 757?
Tesla's Secret

Report: 2012 - Antichrist Identity

2012 - The Antichrist Identity Full 3 Part Series
Get the truth on 2012, the Antichrist and his identity based on recent discoveries on the covert plans of the Illuminati who are master-minding his coming?

Apocalypse Survival Guide

Astral Projection How To Book

911 Truth Video - 10 years later

Missile Drone painted to look like an American Airlines jet? - no windows!!!
No bodies or suitcases were ever found. The FBI had advance notice of the intent of Islamic Hijackers, but did not act.
The hijackers on the planes did not have the expertise to "accurately" guide the planes into the building the way it happened.
It is suspected that Bush had them remote-controlled to computer-guide them into the twin towers accurately.
911 was an excuse to wage war on Afghanistan and Iraq, and probably now Iran, pass the Patriot Act, and try to start Martial Law.
Hitler used the Reichstag fire (that he caused) to seize dictatorship. Pearl Harbor was used as the excuse to get the US into WWII, so advance notice was ignored.
Afghanistan was the main CIA source of Opium/Heroin, but the Taliban eradicated Opium-Heroin in their country for religious reasons. The US awarded the Taliban $50 million in about May 2006 for successfully eradicating it.
Bush had to eradicate the Taliban to get the CIA their opium-heroin for covert funding.
(The SanJose Mercury News featured CIA drug importing years ago).
Oil was discovered in the Caspian Sea. Pipelines to the Black Sea are possible, but tankers moving oil to the Mediterranean are already overcrowding Istanbul.
A Pipeline through Afghanistan (or Iran) was considered optimum. The Taliban and Iran both refused the Pipeline, so Afghanistan was conquered, now perhaps Iran is next.
see whatreallyhappened.com/oil.html for the Congressional Record on this.
I believe we have a danger of dictatorship, and people have to be made aware of it fast.
There still is no explanation for why Building 7 fell, except to get an excuse for lost records for th CIA, FBI, Secret Service, etc.
There still is no official explanation as to how only a 16 foot hole was initially on the side of the Pentagon, with no wing fragments or 757 engines or bodies near the Pentagon. (see the video at pentagon.shtml).
Prof. Jones, of BYU, who analyzed the debris blown all over NY, and found it to contain high sulfur in proportions that indicate Thermite or Thermate explosives, was later fired by BYU, as were most who spoke out against official news. (see Full News of Firing by LDS Church , Short News of Firing)
YouTube Video Proof of Explosives in the Twin Towers at 9/11
I also have video testimony by William Rodriguez, a janitor in one of the towers, who heard explosions in the basement just before the plane hit his building.

Major Sources and Links:

The Video "Loose Change tells it all!
journalof911studies.com discussing the Thermite/Thermate bomb info
911truthmovement.org/video/hamilton_win.wmv has Sec of Transportation Norman Mineta testimony to 9-11 commission on shooting down of commercial airliners.
wtc7.net has info on building 7, which collapsed without being hit by aircraft.
911research.wtc7.net/ has more by wtc7.net on other aspects of 9-11.

More info on 911 is at:

dc911truth.org, pentacon.com, 911truth.org, st911.org, 911proof.com, 911blogger.com, 911pressfortruth.com, 911review.com, globaloutlook.ca, loosechange911.com, 911podcasts.com, globalresearch.ca, onlinejournal.com, 911mysteries.com, truthmove.org, complete911timeline.org, communitycurrency.org/9-11.html, infowars.com, mujca.com, deceptiondollar.com

WW III to start in Iran?

Have you kept current on probable WWIII with Iran, and subsequently Russia, China, and all Arabia - Armageddon?
Can the Joint Chiefs of Staff stop the Iran War? progressivedailybeacon.com
Or will they all resign? globalresearch.ca.
Some expect WWIII to start in the next few days while it's dark before the 18th, the New Moon.
We appear to have the equivalent of Pearl Harbor to get us into WWIII, or worse like the Reichstag fire set by Hitler to get imperial power. Heil Bush?
Movies on 911: photobucket.com

WW III to start in Libya?

NATO has been killing Civilians in Libya for a while now.
Many people donít like Muammar Gaddafi, but destroying Libyaís Republic and killing off the People isnít the answer.
The Rebelsí first action was to give the Central Bank to the Rothschilds and try to get the Oil Money.
Gaddafi is still alive and well in Tripoli, and 95% of Libya loves him.
Most Rebels are Mercenaries, and many are admitted Al-Qaeda from Irak.
Read more at our StopLibyaTerror.tk

(Is the following true?)

Leo Wanta affair

On parallel matters, Vice President Dick Cheney and Treasury Secretary Paulsen have both been been investigated by the World Court in the Leo Wanta affair.
Essentially, Leo Wanta did currency trading for President Reagan that took down the Soviet Union, and made $17 trillion.
He has been trying to deposit it to the US Treasury, but has not been allowed to.
Everybody wants the money for themselves, but Leo won't give it to them.
He even spent time in prison because of it.
George W. Bush has been trying to get the money, and via Cheney and Sec of Treasury Paulsen prevented the last attempt to deposit it to the US Treasury.
Cheney and Paulsen have been indicted by the World Court.
Check rense.com/general70/leo.htm for details.
Compare What Is the Truth About Leo Wanta? by NewsMax.
Also, Federal Reserve Board Impedes The Wanta Plan
Listen to Interviews at rumormillnews.com
A 2010 Update

Vision Report Watch shines the
torch on the new world order agenda

Report: Do Islam or the
Illuminati control the New World Order?

9/11 Provable Lies

Watch the Movie "Loose Change"

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