Alternative Energy Sources

Electricity can be bought from someone else that harnesses energy (power co's),
or YOU can harness the local natural energy sources to generate electricity.
Sources are:
Non-Renewable: fossil fuels (burning of),        and Dangerous: Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion,
Renewable: Solar, Wind, & Water Movement; Chemical Reactions, Geothermal, Tree Sap, etc
Of course the Renewable sources are the more natural ways to produce electicity:
less harmful to the environment and what Mother Nature willingly offers us.
Economically, Wind & Water Movements are most easily tapped, and provide the cheapest & largest long-term source (after the machines are purchased) = kilowatts.
Solar technology is not yet as efficient as it could be:
solar electicity output is only like 20 Watts per square foot of receptors.
But solar is universally available, except for heavily shaded areas.
Let's hope that Solar Technology improves!

Some solar technology enhancements that I'm not seeing discussed are:
1) use of mirrors to focus the sun on solar panels,
2) use of lenses (magnifying glasses) to focus solar energy on panels.

General Background Info

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Companies / Sales

12V 4w Solar Panel $65
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Kyocera KC80 = 80W 2ftx3ft
Kyocera KC120 = 120W 2ftx4.5ft

Wind Power

WAter Power


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