Bio-Terrorism thru Germ Warfare !?
(e.g. Anthrax, Bubonic Plague,etc)
Cheap Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD/WOMD)

In July, the birthday of Mohammed is celebrated by most Islamic Communities.
"Jihad" = death to Infidels. Many Islamics consider America as the Great Satan / the Nation of Infidels that needs to be destroyed. (It's true that many Corporations originating in the US and England plunder third-world countries. Propoganda is spread for Infant Formula over Mother's Milk, for flour and sugar over natural foods, and for many other things destructive to the human body. And Our government does not always represent us properly, to say the least.)
The Threat is there!          How soon will they try Bio-Terrorism?
Perhaps the Gulf-War Syndrome was the first attempt?
e.g. Just 200 lbs of anthrax spores (of 1-5 micrometers size) dispersed by plane could wipe out a city like L.A. in one pass.
Per GERM WARFARE & BIOTERRORISM [Gone], "As few as 8000 spores per person reliably causes a lethal infection. The spores cross the epithelial lining of the lungs and travel to the lymph nodes, where they germinate, multiply, and then spread to other tissues, releasing toxins as they go. The first symptoms include vomiting, fever, a choking cough and laboured breathing. Antibiotics can cure the earlier stages of the disease. Without antibiotics, death from haemorrhage, respiratory failure or toxic shock follows within a few days. "
If not treated within 24 hours with Doxyxyline (the best of the Tetracyclines for this) per Antidotes & Email on Potential Handling of Anthrax Infection, death appears unavoidable. Even the healthiest would die without immediate treatment, the less healthy could still die with treatment.
(how healthy are you?) Some people are strengthening their bodies in advance with Raw Foods such as Romaine, Spinach, & Carrot Juice and exercise, plus using large amounts of Vitamin C, Garlic & Onion (natural antibiotics) , with Colloidal Silver and Zappers to boost their health in advance.
Scariest of all, no one is prepared: most Pharmacies could not furnish any Tetracyclines for more than a few dozen people: not millions or even thousands. Most doctors have never seen Anthrax, and might not recognize the symptoms.
The Gov't is not prepared, [but has been using Terrorism as a springboard to gain Unconstitional powers and suppress rights for even non-dangerous times.]
Our gov't is supposed to inform the people, so that the Citizens can prepare, but instead seems to hide info, to use it for political power.
It could happen soon, or years ahead, but some signs are that July 1997 could be a major attack:

Check the following for details:

Email on Danger of Anthrax Bio-Terrorism
Email on Potential Handling of Anthrax Infection
Gov't testing Germ Warfare in Idaho? Read this email!

Dept of Health info:

Dept of Health on Anthrax

Is BCTP or Miracle 2 Foam the best Cure???

Sightings/Rense on Anthrax and BCTP

(water, soybean oil, Triton X 100 detergent and the solvent tri-n-butyl phosphate)killed more than 90 percent of virulent strains of Bacillus anthracis spores in a culture dish. "When properly formulated, the components in BCTP form an emulsion of tiny lipid droplets suspended in solvent," said Wright. "These lipids fuse with anthrax spores causing the spore to revert to its active bacterial state. During this process, which takes four to five hours, the spore's tough outer membrane changes allowing BCTP's solvent to strip away the exterior membrane. BCTP's detergent then degrades the spore's interior contents. In scanning electron microscope images, the spores appear to explode." It's even edible!!!

Medical Post on BCTP
More recent developments in the US have led to the creation of the 'nanobomb', originally developed by the University of Michigan to combat chemical warfare -- in particular, anthrax. The droplets, only micrometres across, kill anthrax spores on contact with a remarkable success rate. It is believed that these can also be applied to other hostile chemicals and bacteria.

Miracle 2 foam against bacteria (hydrogen peroxide carbonate) / MOre on Miracle 2 Foam on Anthrax.

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Scientific American: Article [21May97] The Specter of Biological Weapons

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