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    I can not tell you that this attack is an absolute certainty.  However, after investing this for some time,  I think we are looking at a 75% probability of an attack THIS WEEK!
    If it happens, everything you do RIGHT NOW is critical to your survival and the survival of those you love.
    If this is real, all forms of communications will be seized by the government probably BEFORE the media gives any information on it.  The media will also be seized and the information they provide may or may not be accurate.  There will be no more phones, faxes, e-mails, etc..    The Internet will be unavailable.  If you want to get the word out, do it  NOW!  You may not be able to do it later.
     If you have somewhere you feel you need to go, do it now also.  All cars with electronic ignitions (generally after about 1978) can and will be disabled remotely.
     The government is NOT going to inform the public about this because they don't want to create a panic because everyone can not be saved from this attack .   You may be one of a precious few who gets the warning in time to act.   Don't waste this chance!   PREPARE!  If this attack does not occur, this will be an excellent time for you to have  a reassessment of how our government has brought this upon us and what we need to do to put a stop to it -- if we have time.
     This is a call to action.  I hope that each of you will pray that God gives us more time to take back this country.     Pray for all of us!                          Terry
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From: Terry W. Stough,  The  American Resistance Movement


Colloidal silver will do nothing more than prolong your suffering a few more hours.  Check the CDC web site for info on antibiotics that are effective.   Doxycillin is the cheapest of choice.   I include a report from MOM:
TO: All Hands  ---  A Preliminary Report from Medical Corps
     In medical language, a prophylaxis is a preventative; or a prevention against a disease.   As reported in an earlier article by Medical Corps we stated that there was no known prophylaxis against Anthrax. We now know of one.  In point of fact, experimental treatment data indicates that daily doses of simple antibiotics -- even taken 24 hours AFTER exposure -- will shield a human from contracting Anthrax. Not only do the antibiotics protect against Anthrax, but existing studies strongly suggest that the same prophylaxis will work against Cholera and Plague.
     Not long after the first Anthrax article was printed, Medical Corps received a call from a lady who said that the U.S. Army had done studies using antibiotics as a prophylaxis against Antrax. The Corps agreed that thismight work, but without verification, could not print it.  About a month later a copy of a report from the Journal of Infectious Diseases arrived.  Unfortunately, two pages were missing-- still not verified.
     Next stop was a VA Medical Research Center where this writer sifted through several volumes of the 50 or so Infectious Disease Journals in the VA Medical Library.  We now have that document intact.
     The report is called: Postexposure Prophylaxis against Experimental Inhalation Anthrax (Journal of Infect. Dis. 1993; 167:1239-42)
     The experiment was conducted by Dr. Arthur M. Friedlander, US Army Medical Resrch Institute of Infectious Diseases, Bacteriology Division, Fort Detrick, Frederick, MD
     Rhesus monkeys (6 groups of 10 each, total: 60) were exposed to a heads-only challenge of air delivered Anthrax spores. Beginning one day after exposure, each of the six groups being tested were given the below treatment, with results as follows:
Treatment:                                          Anthrax Deaths:
Control (untreated)                            9 out of 10 died
Vaccine Alone                                   8 out of 10 died
Penicillin                                            3 out of 10 died
Ciprofloxacin                                     1 out of 10 died
Doxycycline                                       1 out of 10 died
Doxycycline + Vaccine                       0 out of 10 died
     Several things about this study are readily apparent. The antibiotics worked surprisingly well even when treatment was started a day after exposure.
     Given a day after exposure, the vaccine was a dismal failure.
     Without the prophylaxis, the chances of contracting the disease after being
exposed to Inhalation Anthrax is almost a certainty.
     The study was done on monkeys. While the Rhesus monkey responds to diseases
and medications quite like a human, they are still animals. Human dosages  will be different and the outcome may be better or not as successful.
Before we discuss human dosages, consider these options:
a. If you contract Pulmonary Anthrax and you do not treat it, YOU WILL SURELY DIE!
b. Even with the most heroic treatment measures available in a hospital
     setting, your chances of surviving Pulmonary Anthrax are extremely remote.
c. Human doses are determined by conversion calculations between animals 
     and humans.  This is accomplished through blood level comparisons of MICs
     (Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations), dosage weight tables, peak and trough
     levels as well as various case studies.
d. Additionally, human dosages were discussed with Pharmacists, Physicians,
     Clinicians and a former Chief of Medical Research of Oklahoma.
What all of the above means is that the dosages will work and are as accurate
as possible without human studies.

Adult Dosages: Doxycycline  (Vibramycin) pills or capsules. **Prophylaxis Only**
Note: Adult weight is anyone weighing over 100 pounds. (PDR)=20
1) Min adult dosage for Doxycycline - 200 mg every twelve hours (BID/q12h) x 45 days.
2) Max adult dose for Doxycycline -150mg-200mg every eight hours (TID/q8h) x 60 days.
Note:  When our survival depends upon antibiotics we tend to think that if this much is supposed to work then two or three times as much will be even better. Antibiotics are alien to the human body and in prescribed dosages are only mildly poisonous.
     Taken in extreme doses they will damage your body or quite likely kill you.

Children Dosages: Doxycycline (Vibramycin)**Prophylaxis Only**
     Dosages for children vary according to body weight and the drug being used.
The Physicians Desk Reference (the PDR is a drug data book) states that for
children above 100 pounds, the adult dose of Doxycycline should be used.
     For children below 100 pounds, a daily recommended dose equaling 1mg per 1 pound of body weight should be divided into two equal doses and given 12 hours apart. (PDR)
     For instance, a 60 lb. child would receive 60mg in two 30mg doses. However, Doxycycline tablets or capsules only come in 50 and 100mg sizes. Considering the insidious nature of Anthrax, it woud probably be better to give the 60 lb. child a 25mg (1/2 of a 50mg tablet) dose every 8 hours (TID) for a daily total of 75mg of Doxycycline.
     Note: A dose rate of q8h (every 8 hours) keeps the blood level of Doxycycline more constant within an adult or childs system.
     A 40, 30, or 70 etc. pound child will require SEPARATE Doxycycline dosage computations using the formula 1mg per pound body weight. Then you have to divide the dose into at least two or three equal parts and space evenly over one 24 hour day.

1) Doxycycline is of the Tetracycline class of antibiotics and as with all Tetracyclines will cause yellowing and possibly destruction of the teeth in unborn babies, infants and children to the age of 8 years (source -- PDR). This condition has also been observed into the young adult years (Source -- empirical data).
2) Tetracyclines kill the normal/essential bacteria responsible for a healthy body. Among other things, this can cause ulcers of the mouth and diarrhea.
3) If an allergy to any of the Tetracyclines develops or exists, discontinue and switch to a Penicillin class antibiotics
4) Never use Penicillin and Tetracycline together. They tend to cancel each other out.
5) Sunburn -- All Tetracyclines will make human skin extremely susceptible to sunburn.  As with all medication warnings, they must be weighed against the nature of the disease.  Pulmonary Anthrax will kill you. Yellow teeth won't, and diarrhea can be dealt with.

     Tetracycline or Achromycin V were not used in the Prophylaxis study done by
the U.S. Army! Conclusions that Tetracycline can be used as a prophylaxiswere drawn from PDR dosages and the fact that Tetracycline is used to treat Cutaneous Anthrax (on the skin) before it enters the bodys system.
     The drug of choice is DOXYCYCLINE! However . .. if you do not have Doxycycline and have access to Tetracycline, they are of the same class of antibiotics. They just have different dosages.
TETRACYCLINE:   Adult Dosages: Tetracycline or Achromycin V. **Prophylaxis Only**
Note: Adult dosages of Tetracycline are given to anyone over eight (8) years of age. 
1) Min. adult dosage for the Tetracyclines - 500mg every six hours (QID/q6h) x 45 days
2) Max adult dosage for the Tetracyclines - 500mg every four hours (q4h) x 60 to 90 days

Children Dosages: Tetracyclines or Achromycin V **Prophylaxis Only**
Dosages for children vary according to body weight and the drug being used.
The Physicians Desk Reference (drug data book) states that for children 8 years and older, the adult dose of Tetracycline should be used.
     For children 8 years and younger, a daily dose of Tetracycline equaling 10 to 20mg per 1 pound of body weight should be divided into four equal doses and given 6 hours apart for 45 to 60 days.
     Note: There is no existing data on a prophylaxis dose of Tetracycline for either children or adults. A daily dose of 15mg per pound body weight divided into four equal doses might be more in order.
     For instance, a 60 lb. child taking 15mg per pound would compute to 900mg in four equal doses. This would round to 1000mg and stay within the 10 to 20mg dose range.
     Since Tetracycline capsules only come in 250mg and 500mg sizes, the 60 lb.
child could receive a 250mg dose every 4 hours.
     A dose rate may be varied an hour or so either way so as to make the total daily dose fit within a 24 hour period.
     Too, the total daily dose of Tetracycline may be rounded up 10% or so, as to
accommodate a workable dosage.
     Note: A 40, 30, or 70 etc. pound child will require SEPARATE Tetracycline
dosage computations using the formula 10 to 20mg per pound body weight. Then
you will have to divide the dose into at least four (4) equal parts and space
evenly over one 24 hour day.

1) Tetracycline class antibiotics will cause yellowing of the teeth in unborn babies, infants and children to the age of 8 years (source -- PDR).
2) All Tetracyclines kill the normal/essential bacteria responsible for a healthy body.
3) If an allergy to any of the Tetracyclines develops or exists, discontinue and switch to a Penicillin class antibiotic.
4) Never use Penicillin and Tetracycline together.They tend to cancel each other out.
5) Sunburn-- All Tetracyclines will make human skin extremely susceptible to sunlight.
6) Tetracycline and milk should not be taken together or within one (1) hour of each other. Milk and Tetracycline combine in the stomach and pass out of the body without the  Tetracycline being used.
Remember, Pulmonary Anthrax will kill you.

Tetracycline Class -- Terramycin, Oxytetracycline, Tetracycline (Bolus or Powder)
     These drugs are not the same as those used in hospitals!!! While animal grade
Tetracycline is the same as Human grade Tetracycline -- the animal has a different volume due to the filler. However, you do not need grinders and bullet scales to arrive at a safe oral dosage.
     Look at the package. If it says 200mg of Tetracycline per teaspoon, and you need to take 500mg, then 2 1/2 teaspoons computes to 500mg. If the bag says 1000mg per tsp, then you take 1/2 tsp. for the same 500mg. Read the bag! If you cannot figure out the dosage from the information on the bag, check a different brand.
     If the dosage is in grams, remember that it takes 1000mg to make one gram. 
     If the instructions are in milligrams per gram of powder find another bag--unless you just like to weigh things.
DO NOT USE injectable animal antibiotics! They do not usually contain Lidocaine (a local pain killer), which means you will suffer greatly from just one shot. Add to that pain the increased volume of the animal shot and you might prefer death.
[Emerging Infectious Diseases * Volume 3 * Number 2 * April-June 1997]
Perspective:  The Economic Impact of a Bioterrorist Attack: Are Prevention and Postattack Intervention Programs Justifiable? by Arnold F. Kaufmann, Martin I. Meltzer, and George P. Schmid  -  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
     The epidemic curve for anthrax by days after exposure was assumed to be <1 day, 0% of cases; 1 day, 5%; 2 days, 20%; 3 days, 35%; 4 days, 20%; 5 days, 10%; 6 days, 5%; and 7 or more days, 5% (3-5). Case-fatality rates were also assumed to vary by the day symptoms were first noted. The case-fatality rate was estimated as 85% for patients with symptoms on day 1; 80% for patients with symptoms on day 2; 70% for those with symptoms on day 3; 50% for those with symptoms on days 4, 5, and 6; and 70% for those with symptoms on and after day 7. The increased death rate in persons with an incubation period of 7 or more days is calculated on an assumption of delayed diagnosis, with resultant delayed therapy.
     When estimating days in hospital and outpatient visits due to infection, we assumed that 95% of anthrax patients were hospitalized, with a mean stay of 7 days. Patients not admitted to a hospital had an average of seven outpatient visits, and surviving hospitalized patients had two outpatient visits after discharge from the hospital. Persons who received only outpatient care were treated for 28 days with either oral ciprofloxacin or doxycycline.


From Patti : addendum: Tuesday, 970715 10am:

1) During the black plaque, there were survivors.
	  Why did they survive? What did they do differently?
2) I recall reading somewhere that one of the reasons Nostradamus became soo famous
	  was that HE CURED those with the plaque (altho saddly, not his own wife & child) 

	HE WAS A VEGETARIAN...According to that long-ago read article 

		other survivors supposedly ate garlic

3) Probability is that the single most important factor in any microbiological disease is 			body chemistry/ blood pH...
4) The main diet of those living in the city & most suceptible seemed to be: (according to 
         historical research I've done in previous years)
		  Meat  (albiet probably rancid & heavily spiced & salted to hide the "aroma") 
		 bread (Probably stale & rancid & moldy)
		& often Wine was the main drink ( = alcohol definately damages the liver & immune 			   system)

	VERY little fresh produce was available let alone consumed:

	For any of you who have done ANY research on nutrition, you will recall that this is a 			VERY ACID-FORMING diet...

5) Theory: since today's population eats a diet very similair to that of the middle ages, 			Their suseptibility would be the same

6) Theory: Vegetarians would probably have a more alkaline system & therefore be less

7) Question: anyone out there have any research on the specific pH values of foods & 			the resultant influence on blood pH? ie: monodiet & blood pH checks?

	Some books I've glanced at but not read which might pertain & be good are: (sorry, I 
		can't recall the authors, & at the moment they're somewhere in storage):
		"Alkalize or Die"
		"Animals In the Digestive System (aka AIDS)"
		"The Body's Many Cries for Water"
		(Michu Kushi's) "Acid-Base.."

	Those w/ known Authors Are: 
		"Vermont Folk Medicine" By Dr. Jarvis 
			This discusses the Alkalinizing ability of Apple Cider Vinegar
		Dr. Lendon Smith's "Vitamin C as Theraputic Medicine"
		(Also tie in Dr. Linus Pauling's & Dr. Fred Kline's Vit C research:
			Vit C helps alkalinize, if I understand it correctly...)
		Dr. Kirschner: "Live Food Juices"