From:     Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 20:18:49 -0400 (EDT)

This is not a drill and it certainly is not a joke.  About  a week ago,  I
began getting reports about a possible germ warfare attack.   The volume of
information has grown to an avalanche as more and more information comes in.
 I have not had time to post this information to my site   The American Resistance Movement

However, the early information was posted by Jeff Head on his "Give Me
Liberty Or Give Me Death" home page.  Here is the link: Biological Terror

Having received an overload of information and trying to get it out quickly,
here is what is currently known (to the best of my knowledge):

LARRY WAYNE HARRIS:  He has been a figure in a lot of this so let me start
with him.   He was a former member of the CIA and a  registered microbiologist (despite disinformation claiming that he is only a septic tank inspector.  He does have his own lab (desptite disinformation to the contrary).  He is considered one of the top experts on biological warfare.   He has written a  book  entitled Bacteriological Warfare:  A Major Threat To America.   This book is scheduled to come out in a couple of weeks -- after the scheduled attack.  Advance promotion will start next week.   I told him that he had really bad timing and that if the attack were next week, the book would never make it to the bookstores.  He said that it was God's will.  He also stated that the book was essentially a Civil Defense manual and that he did not anticipate making money on it and has given advance copies to missionaries, etc..
     I asked him specifically about the accusations on the Internet that he was a White Supremacist.  He stated that he had been accused of being involved with every hate group in existence INCLUDING the Black Panthers.  He adamantly denied any involvement in any such groups and said, as we all know, if you can't attack the message, then discredit the messenger.  
     He also said something which is very telling about his beliefs.  I asked himwhat he wanted most to say to the American people.  He said it was time to stop bickering and fighting over petty differences.  We all have to settle down and look at reality.  This is an all out attack on humanity.  To defend against it in any way, we have to all work together -- regardless of race, religion or any other factor.
      I asked him about the alleged arrests.  He stated that the Feds raided his lab in order to recover personal notebooks he had kept while he was with "the Company".  They got the notebooks but didn't know that he had already written the book and that his attorney had a copy on disk.   I asked him what legal problems they caused.  He stated that they charged him with a "blue law" from World War II (a blue law is a law which is still on the books but which  is technologically obsolete - example - if you drive a car downtown, you must have someone run ahead and warn people so you don't scare the horses.)  The violation was calling across a state line and not giving his phone number before he started to talk to the person on the other end.  
      He stated that hundreds of people had called him recently and he had been interviewed by several media outlets.   He is not on the Internet.  Any further information that he wants to get out he will fax to me and I will get on the Internet as soon as possible.  
     As far as I know, he has no direct financial involvment in this matter (the book may never be sold!).  I spoke with him for about an hour and we exchanged a lot of information by fax.  He never once told me of ANYTHING I could buy from him.  He was extremely straightforward.  I asked him specific questions and got specific answers.   Here is some information he shared: The U.S. Government sold Iran enough biological agents to kill everyone inthe WORLD ten times over in the 1980's.   Then we double-crossed them and they swore revenge on us.
      They have been sending "seed strains"  of their best stuff back to the U.S.
for active breeding programs.  Numerous couriers have been caught.

Examples of distribution:   
1.  A light bulb placed on a subway rail.  The terrorist is out of danger and
knows when the train is coming.  The ventilation system takes it throughout
the subway and above ground.  100,000 people die.  
2.  A Wagner Power Painter with a quart of solution is sprayed into the air.
 The mist can carry in lethal dosages for up to 15 miles.
3.  Running tubes from a large container in a car and dumping the mist out
the exhaust pipe.  A single car with no apparent signs of anything unusual
could circle a large city many times in a day.  Note that the driver need not
be wearing protection provided they have been vaccinated and are on

     Larry also shared with me the fact that wealthy people are selling SHORT forthe latter part of next week.  This supports the 17th as a probable date ofattack.  It turns out that the Moslems have THREE separate dates forMohammed's birthday.  Iran and Iraq celebrate on the 17th.  Egypt celebrates on the 20th.  The far east celebrates on the 27th.
     Near Mecca recently, TWO MILLION gathered to pray for the destruction of the United States and Israel.   There are now large groups of known members of Hesbilah, the Islamic Jihad and Hamas in this country.
     Larry agreed generally with the treatment information I previously sent out regarding antibiotics.   However, he does think that collodial silver will help and can be taken prior to the start of the attack.  Generators are best due to the fact that the solution can be made in quantity for a lot less.
     He told me that someone came to a physician in his area recently trying to get an advance prescription for anthrax.  The doctor (NOT KNOWING THE BEST TREATMENT) called the CDC.  Within a few hours, the FBI was at the doctors office wanting to know what was going on.
     The Pentagon sees germ warfare attack as a real threat.  Since the first of the year, they have been innoculating military personnel.  He also told me that the military was on a state of high alert.
     He sent me a list of 27 cities that THIS MONTH are conducting bio-warfare preparation evaluations.  The results so far is that America is totally unprepared.  One Police official supposedly made the statement that if there was a biological attack, he would not respond to it since to do so would lead to the certain death for anybody who went into the area.
     The expected casualty count is about 50% of the U.S. population.   This is the same percentage by which the U.N. wants the global population reduced.
     This month (JULY) ther will be multiple cities participating in "Marshall Law Drills".  Phoenix is about to start.  They will be gearing up to 30% during the drill.  Larry told me that 60 Federal Agents visited all law enforcement agencies to take an inventory of the supplies and equipment available.  They then placed stickers on the equipment indicating that it was now the property of and under the control of the UNITED NATIONS.
     Here is the strategy he shared:  Get on the collodial silver immediately.  As soon as people start to get sick, get on the antibiotics.  Be sure to make a hard copy of the e-mail I sent on treatments since doctors will probably not be familiar with anthrax / bubonic plague.