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Who will be Anti-Christ? Maitreya, Obama, Prince Charles or ??

Beware of the Antichrist! He is described in the Book of Revelation & by Nostradamus

3 of the top Candidates for Anti-Christ:

Lord Maitreya Barack Obama Prince Charles
There are many indications that "Lord Maitreya" may be the Antichrist, and Benjamin Creme his John the Baptist.
  • Maitreya claims to be the Christ.
  • Maitreya's teachings are vague, and cite Theosophy and Magick heavily.
  • I understand that the main draw to one of Maitreya's Center is a Black Rock with metal wires: You are supposed to grab a wire and pour your energy into the Rock.
  • Maitreya and Benjamin Creme are based in England close to the English Crown..
  • Free Republic on Maitreya and Creme
  • Balaam on Maitreya / Antichrist
  • Redmoonrising on Maitreya

    YouTube Videos - Maitreya AntiChrist

  • There are several places with assertions of Obama.

    1) The most thorough research is at The Antichrist Identity Full 3 Part Series

    YouTube Video - Obama Antichrist

    Revelation 13:1 speaks of the Antichrist
    The Video states that Bible Code research only finds "Obama" there.

    One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says
    Could Prince Charles be the Antichrist?
    Read Coincidences.
    According to "The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea" by Tim Cohen:
  • Prince Charles claims descent from David, Jesus, and Mohammed.
  • He wants to be the King of Europe.
  • He heads the United World Colleges.
  • He steers the environmental agendas of over 100 of the world's largest multinational corporations.
  • He is credited for the success of the Rio Earth Summit and thus the Kyoto Protocol
  • He has taken a traceable bio-chip implant.
  • His media exposure has exceeded that of every other man in history.

  • YouTube Video - Prince Charles AntiChrist:

    Beware Pro-Maitreya Websites:

    One website that tries to convince you to believe that Maitreya is the Christ is:
    Share International (organization for Maitreya)
    One website stated "In my last incarnation I was known as Panchen Lama Thupten Choekyi Nyima [1883-1937],I lived 54 years, I again incarnated in 1954[Bulli, N.S.W. Australia],the year in Nepal was 2012."
    Books: Alien Intervention: The Spiritual Mission of UFOs (& Shambala, Ascended Masters, etc) and 2012 "Will the Comet Collide": Author Paul Christopher's Website (has Great Links):
    Lucis Trust of Alice Bailey

    watch.pair.com/false-christ.html Will the Antichrist come from the Merovingian Bloodline?

    Report: Antichrist Identity

    The Antichrist Identity Full 3 Part Series
    Get the truth on the Antichrist and his identity based on recent discoveries on the covert plans of the Illuminati who are master-minding his coming?

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