CIA & Drugs

America's "War on Drugs" in a farce.
The CIA is one of the biggest drug purveyors in the US and in other countries. (2nd only to the Crown of England)
"War on Drugs" enforcers are told "hands off" when the CIA is involved.
This creates a Monopoly for the CIA - they are allowed to sell & only the independants are killed.
The little guy is the only one sent to jail - often for a crime of possession that hurt no one else.
One of the first Reporters to publish this was: Gary Webb. His news articles in the San Jose Mercury News was groundbreaking. His book: Dark Alliance by Gary Webb ( contains most of the info
Mike Ruppert, an ex-LA Cop and Pennsylvania Drug Cop, continually found drug ties to the CIA, and was told "hands off". His main website is
When 2 teenagers were killed in Mena, Arkansas, all the proof showed that they were killed because they saw Drug Trafficking. All the leads led to high political places, including Clinton and Bush.
In Columbia, the Drug exporters with ties to the CIA aren't touched, only the independants, like the "Medillin Cartel" are killed.
Manuel Noriega was a drug exporter for the CIA for years. When he stopped working for the CIA, for greater profits, they took him out.
The Taliban in Afghanistan eradicated Opium/Heroin from Poppy cultivation in all areas they controlled (the UN asked them to).
The US gave them $43 million to compensate their farmers for the sales losses. (see 1, 2 & 3,
They were the biggest Opium/Heroin producers in the world - more than the Golden Triangle, columbia, or anywhere.
This was a big monetary loss for the CIA - so now the US wants to get rid of the Taliban.
The Kosovo Liberation Army sold the CIA drugs, the Serbs didn't.
Here, at home in the US, sales to Inner City Blacks by the CIA was the major spearhead.
LA's Maxine Waters and others were up in arms about the situation. (see below)
The latest lawsuit against the US Gov't is William Tyree case

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