the CIA involved with Satanism and Child Kidnappings?

cf. Articles on the CIA. drugs, gangs, and LA (the San Jose Mercury Newspaper series)

How corrupt has our Government become?
The unconstitutional Federal Reserve bankrupted the US in 1933, per Senate Report 93-549.
The CIA, NSA, and FBI are doing covert activities, supposedly for the benefit of the People.
Yet, are drugs, gangs, satanism, and kidnappings for our benefit?
Ted Gunderson, former LA chief of the FBI, has done investigative reporting to uncover the satanic tunnels under the McMartin PreSchool, which Government investigators somehow couldn't find.
According to Ted Gunderson, the McMartin case and others appear to have been covered up.
Whenever ties to the CIA are found, the FBI is told to "back off" (for national security reasons)
In other words, killers, drug pushers, satanist kidnappers/torturers should go free because they are helping the CIA get money for their undercover operations.
The Illuminati, Trilateral, One-World, International Bankers Conspiracy is be in full bloom.
If you think I'm paranoid and crazy, read for yourself the follwing books:

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