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Multiple Search Engines:


Digisearch With this service you can search www-links from various search engines simultaneously. Give the word(s) you want to search for, maximum time to search, and choose any or all of the 18 search engines you want to use.

DogPile Simultaneously searches Web: Yahoo!, Lycos' A2Z, Excite Guide, WWW Worm, WWW Yellow Pages, What U Seek, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, OpenText, AltaVista, Excite & HotBot. Usenet: Hotbot News,, Dejanews, Excite News, Infoseek News, Altavista and Dejanews' old Database. FTP: Filez, FTP Search and Snoopie!

Fusion The Fusion System allows you to query several different search engines in parallel. The concepts of data fusion are used to fuse the results returned, thus improving the overall quality of the search. Your query is sent to six Internet search engines: Altavista, Excite, InfoSeek, Lycos, OpenText and Webcrawler.

Highway 61 Highway 61 is a "meta-search" site. Your search will be sent to a number of Internet search engines and the results will be compiled into a single page. Currently, your search is submitted to Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, Webcrawler, Infoseek and Excite. Mamma analyzes your queries and properly formats the words for each search engine or database it sends to. Depending on the query, Mamma can simultaneously search as many as 7 search engines simultaneously. Mamma will then organize the results into a uniform format, and present by relevance. Best of all, the process is comparative to the time spent on one single engine due to a highly powerful program. Search Alta Vista, Excite, Galaxy, Hot Bot, Lycos, Web Crawler, and Yahoo with ONE Click. You'll also find some cool browser tips at this site!

BandWidth Speed Tests

Cnet (more detailed, more advanced options)


Other Sites with Shareware, Freeware, and Info:

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