UCC = Uniform Code Council

Uniform Code Council
UCC Specs
Note the "666" incorporated into the symbol as left guard bar, center pattern, and right guard bar.
Section Geometry: "The determination of which modules are light and which are dark is given in Section
Starting at the left of the regular symbol following the light margin, the symbol is encoded first with the guard bars
described in Section These are followed by a number system character, five U.P.C. characters
on the left side of the center bars, the center pattern, the remaining five U.P.C. characters
on the right side of the center bars, the modulo-10 check character, the same guard bar pattern on the right side,
and the light margin. Individual bar code characters are easily identified.
Each character on the left side of the center bars begins with a light space and ends with a dark bar.
Correspondingly, characters on the right side of the center bars begin with a dark bar and end with a light space."
Symbol Chart
Note: guard bars (left and right ends) and center pattern use the right side symbol for "6"

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