Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 21:40:47 -0700 From: "A.C." Subject: The Solar Eclipse: Dawn of the New Light To: "Watch Unto Prayer" =20 Subject: The Solar Eclipse: Dawn of the New Light Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:07:58 -0400 Return-Path: To: The Watchmen From: Watch Unto Prayer < < Date: August 12, 1999 8080,0000,8080And when these thing begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:28 Yesterday, August 11, 1999, began with a solar eclipse which heralded for New Agers the Dawn of the New Light. Another message, which preceded this post, described a live channeling session that was held last May at The United Nations in Vienna, Austria. "The Group" -- obviously the Ascended Masters (aka demons) -- announced at that time there would be no further delay for the Dawning of the New Light, according to the <The Lightworker website of the channeler. A subsequent channeled message presents the imminent time frame for said prophecy: =20 "It was only a short time ago that humanity began to awaken and turn toward the Light. In that short time, you have done much to alter the outcome of the Game, as many have chosen the path of advancement while still in biology. The original scripting of the Game set a target date of 2012 for the final shifting of mass consciousness and the next level of the Game. The collective vibratory level on the Gameboard of Free Choice has now made it possible to begin opening some of the portals early. As a direct result of the advancement of humanity and the work you have done, the gradual introduction of the higher levels of Light through these portals will now begin. You have shifted the collective consciousness on the Gameboard once again, and now the new Light will dawn.=20 =20 "The twenty nine days beginning with the event you know to be the solar eclipse will mark the introduction of the new Light to the planet. The alignment of the planets, and the recent alignment of the grids on Earth, mark the introduction of the new Light to the rest of the Universe. This twenty nine days will mark the next shift of humanity, as seen from the highest perspective. As the sun is blocked from view, prepare to release the attachments that have kept you bound. In the momentary darkness of the eclipse, feel the sadness and grief of releasing the familiar.-The Group.=20 The channeler defined the period which is designated the Dawn of the New Light: "The twenty nine days between August 11th and September 9th 1999 mark the period that the Group has called the 'Dawn of the New Light'. It will be a time for change to be set into motion."=20 =20 This is not an isolated prophecy, but correlates with other New Age sources. According to a recent e-mail from another New Age website, <Busor= ama Md BTCALENBrush Script MTdeBusorama Md BTRBrush Script MTsign, the occasion for this change would be the August 11 solar eclipse:=20 "The solar eclipse on Aug. 11th, 1999 is taking place right in front of the mouth of LEO (Leumund), on the 222nd day of the year and 144 days before year 2000. One pregnancy period after the eclipse will be in May 2000 a recoming of the star of Bethlehem with the pearl necklace like string of planets." Celestial events occurring between the August 11-September 9 "Dawn of the New Light" will, after a nine month gestation period, give birth to a global day of judgment on May 5, 2000. We have identified the following dates during this period as hosting important events on the New Age calendar. Certain names of planets, gods and events are highlighted which will be seen at the conclusion of the report to correspond to the elements of an ancient Mideastern festival that celebrated the return of the heathen god, Adonis, also considered to be the Sun. =20 This calendar of events which will figure significantly in the dawning of the anticipated New Age is not exhaustive but presents highlights of the ominous events that will propel mankind toward a New Age "day of judgment" -- May 5, 2000 -- which must precede the purported transformation. This day of judgment, however, is not to be confused with another Day of Judgment, although it will be represented as such.=20 God's judgment of the world shall follow without fail, after which the stars and planets which men worship as gods will utterly fail them: 8080,0000,8080"Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken." Mt 24:29 =20 ---------- =20 AUGUST, 7-14, 1999 - THE MATRIX PROJECT WORLDWIDE=20 =20 August 7, 1999 was the date New Agers began the Matrix Project Worldwide, in preparation for the August 11 Solar Eclipse which inaugurates the anticipated Dawn of the New Light. Matrix is a word in Crystal Magick that refers to the base of a crystal cluster, the main "lump" part. [Glossary; DenElder] The Matrix Project, which depicts a large crystalline six-pointed star on its homepage, is calling for aArial critical mass of people who will focus on the <0000,0000,ffffStar of David in preparation for the worldwide transformation which will occur in approximately nine months. Note the clever ruse of claiming that this activity will protect us against the occult agenda of the "illuminati" when, in very fact, the Matrix Project is promoting the same agenda. =20 This is a Worldwide notice requesting the assistance of every Spiritual, Religious, Healing and Alternative World Healing Organizations to open to all their respective members.=20 On the 11th of August, 1999 in Egypt, The organization called the "illuminati" will be invoking a ceremony called: THE DARK MOTHER. The intention of this ceremony is to seal the doorway to our collective consciousness as it begins to open. The reason they wish to have this outcome, is that this organization represents the power brokers of our planet, who would prefer to maintain their control of the knowledge, finances and spiritual/political future of our societies. This control is through FEAR and misinformation.=20 Medicine people and tribal people around the world are asking for your help to focus our collective intention to keep this doorway to change opened. The porthole to our changing consciousness is about to open. This is the time that the WISDOM ELDERS have spoken of. We are in the threshold of the forces of CREATION. WE have the ability to exercise a CHOICE AT THIS TIME. We are focusing the symbol identified in this Web Site: < /hornbyhealing/homepage=20 All people are asked to start focusing this symbol from your location with the following intention:: ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR ENTIRE EARTH COMMUNITY - OR LOSE IT! It is through the acceptance of our DIFFERENCES, spiritual, religious, political, ethnic, geographic, and economic, that we will be able to overcome and change the chaos that surrounds us.=20 Our focus will begin: AUG. 7th, 1999 until 14th Aug. 1999.=20 Please consider the content of this message and the Website identified above to be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, and please ask every person and organization around the world to participate now!=20 Respectfully Ta Chanka Luta ( His Road is ffff,0000,0000Red )=20 "The <purpose of the Matrix Project is to activate the symbol world wide. This will be conducted over an extended period of time and will require the assistance of hundreds if not thousands of people. The activation of the symbol will trigger specific events here on the planet which will bring our world into a moment of critical focus... =20 Arial"The Sacred Symbol originates from the same Source of all spiritual and religious practices worldwide. The Matrix Project is based upon the Symbol also known by these names: the <Arial0000,0000,ffffStar of David, the 0000,0000,ffffMorning Star, the <Arial= 0000,0000,ffffStar of Bethlehem, <0000,0000,ffffSirius, the Symbol of the Divine, the Symbol of the <0000,0000,ffffMagu= s, the <Ar= ial0000,0000,ffffTree of Life, the Lakota Star, the <0000,0000,ffffMerkaba, the Flower of Life, the Heart of Hearts, the Nexus between the Manifest and Unmanifest, the Symbol of Creation, the 22 fold path (12 Signs of the Zodiac, the 7 Celestial Bodies, and the 3 Sacred Motions.)=20 AUGUST 11, 1999 - New Moon and Eclipse of the Sun.=20 =20 According to Farmer's Almanac: New Moon, Solar Eclipse and Feast of St. Clare. [Sinclair =3D sacred Merovingian family; "clare" means "light"] The Almanac states: "Only the partial phase will be visible in No. America, and this only from the northeastern United States and Eastern Canada. There the sun will rise partially eclipsed. The eclipse will end between 6:15 and 6:45 a.m. EDT, depending on your location within the area where the eclipse is visible." =20 AUGUST 11-13, 1999 - Persid 0000,0000,ffffmeteorffff,0000,00= 00 shower from Swift-Tuttle comet=20 =20 AUGUST 12, 1999 - New Moon according to Jewish calendar =20 AUGUST 18, 1999 - Cassini/Saturn Mission flyby (10:30 p.m.)=20 =20 The spacecraft Cassini was launched by NASA toward= 0000,0000,ffffVenusffff,0000,00= 00 in October 1997. Cassini flew by Venus twice and will= fly by the Earth in August 1999 and then be on its way to= 0000,0000,ffffSaturn, flying by Jupiter in December 2000. Passing by these= planets provides a ‘gravity= assist.’NewCenturySchlbk Prior to= launching, anti-nuclear organizations demonstrated against Cassini, alarmed= that the craft will enter the Earth’s atmosphere in 1999 spreading= deadly plutonium. [See: <Cosmic= Christmas for more information] =20 AUGUST 21, 1999 - 0000,0000,ffffVenus= changes to= 0000,0000,ffffMorning Star= (New Age type of Christ) =20 AUGUST - DECEMBER - Journey of the Magi from Babylon to= Bethlehem (Jay Gary) [See: <Cosmic= Christmas]=20 =20 SEPTEMBER 9, 1999 - Conjunction of the New Moon and Venus.= Dawning of the New Light. Potential Y2k crisis day.=20 =20 SEPTEMBER 11/12, 1999 - Rosh Hashanah (begins evening of Sept.= 10)=20 =20 In Exodus 12:2, God changed the New Year to Abib [postexilic Nisan], the= month of the Passover. However, Israel has kept the September (Tishri)= date. In the messianic movement, there is much interest in rediscovering= the actual birth date of Christ, ostensibly to discern His second coming,= but perhaps to validate the coming of another christ. Messianic agree that= Christ was born at Rosh Hashanah:=20 left * Messianic Jew, Greg Killeen, stated on the= 700 Club that the New Moon represents the messiah. "Each fall until 1999= the moon travels through Virgo's constellation as if to give birth. In= Sept. 12, it moves through perfectly." [6/19/97]=20 * Peter A. Michas wrote a book correcting the Messiah's birth date:= "...Yeshua was born on Rosh Hashanah, 1 Titer, in the Jewish year 3759,= corresponding to September 11, 3 BCE." [Scriptural Birth Date of Messiah= Yeshua, Messengers of Messiah, 1998, p. 10]=20 * According to Laurence Gardiner, author of Bloodline of the Holy Grail, the= Messianic birth date is September 15. "Jesus had been born - against the= rules - on 1 March 7 BC, but in order to regularize his status, he had been= allocated the official birthday of 15 September in line with the Messianic= requirement." [p. 101] SEPTEMBER 20, 1999 - Day of Atonement =20 SEPTEMBER 21, 1999 - United Nations opening date =20 SEPTEMBER 25, 1999 - Feast of Tabernacles =20 SEPTEMBER 29, 1999 - Michael's Day or Scottish Festival in= honor of St Michael =20 There is an allusion in the aforementioned U.N. channeling session to the= close proximity of a familiar prophetic character -- Michael. Michael the= Archangel, of course, is (1) the warrior and protector of Israel in Daniel= 12:1, (2) the Vanquisher of the Roman Dragon Rev. 12, which in Merovingian= mythology symbolozes the Pope, and (3) the Restrainer of the Antichrist in= the Pre-Wrath Rapture deception. Part II of= <The Rosicrucian Connection, which= explains how this deception will be carried off, is recommended reading for= those who subscribe to the pre-wrath teaching. =20 OCTOBER 1-3, 1999 - World Core Curriculum Conference =20 "Education for all remains... a first priority on this planet...This is why= UNESCO has rightly adopted a world literacy plan for the Year 2000." (World= Core Curriculum Manual, p. 9) =20 OCTOBER 12, 1999 - Day of Six Billion (world population reaches= 6 billion) =20 OCTOBER 23-29, 1999 - Bacchanalia =20 "Bacchanalian orgies featured sumptuous banquets and wine. It was the sport= of kings and nobles to hunt boar throughout Europe and the Balkans. But the= boar represented more than wild game, at a king's table. Pagan mythology= says= "0000,0000,ffffAdonis" was killed by an attack of a wild boar. Therefore, boars= were sacrificed to Adonis in many countries. How the boar's head came to= "grace" many a medieval (and modern) English table is another of those= mystical, pagan stories of pure myth. Hislop says, "According to one= version of the story of the death of Adonis, or Tammuz [the sun god], it= was, as we have seen, in consequence of a wound from the tusk of a boar= that he died... "The same authority describes how the Saxons in Europe (sons of 'Saac,' or= 'Saccae,' the sons of Isaac, and thus part of the so-called 'Lost Ten= Tribes') offered a boar in sacrifice "on Christmas day" to= 0000,0000,ffffVenus for the 'loss of her beloved Adonis.' Hislop wrote, 'In Rome= a similar observance had evidently existed; for a boar formed the great= article at the feast of= 0000,0000,ffffSaturn, as appears from the following words of Martial: `That boar= will make you a good= 0000,0000,ffffSaturnalia.' Hence the boar's head is still a standing dish in= England at the Christmas dinner, when the reason of it is long since= forgotten." OCTOBER 27, 1999 - Anniversary date of Noah's Flood =20 OCTOBER 31, 1999 - Halloween =20 NOVEMBER 1, 1999 - Samhain (Celtic New Year) =20 NOVEMBER 17, 1999 <World= Peace Day=20 =20 NOVEMBER 30, 1999 - St. Andrew's Day, Patron Saint of Scotland =20 NOVEMBER 30, 1999 - FEBRUARY 2, 2000 - Christmas Season: Advent= to Candlemas Day [Corresponds with St. Andrews to Celtic Imbolic Feast Day] =20 DECEMBER 4, 1999 -Arial Opening of= ecumenical celebrations for the new millennium in Bethlehem, with plans for= a joint procession of leaders from all the churches. =20 DECEMBER 17-23, 1999 - Feast of= 0000,0000,ffffSaturn (Saturnalia).=20 =20 Winter Solstice (Dec. 22-23). INewCenturySchlbkn= pagan Rome, the celebration of the Winter Solstice began on December 17= with the feast of Saturn, also called the Saturnalia. Through December= 23rd, the Roman world engaged in merrymaking and the exchanging of gifts in= honor of Saturn, the god of sowing and husbandry and to commemorate a= future Golden Age of Saturn: =20 NewCenturySchlbk"Here is the general reformation= of the world announced in the Rosicrucian manifestos described as a world= reformation... Whilst involving definite reforms in education, church, and= law, this general reformation has millenarian overtones; it will bring the= world back to the state in which Adam found it, which was also= Saturn's golden age. So, in the= Confessio, the second Rosicrucian manifesto, the= general reformation is said to presage ‘a great influx of truth and= light’ such as surrounded Adam in Paradise, and which God will allow= before the end of the world...this millennium, this return to the= golden age of Adam and Saturn, is said to be assisted by= ‘the high society of the Rosicrucians.’" (Frances Yates,= Rosicrucian Enlightenment, Routeledge, 1972, p. 57]=20 DECEMBER 22, 1999 - Moon will be closest= earth in 132 years.=20 =20 Farmer's Almanac: "The astonishing lunar illumination of December 22, 1999.= Mark your calendar for the final full moon of the millennium - a last= hurrah of unusual brightness... We have to go back 133 years to 1866, to= match this year's rare gathering of Winter Solstice, full Moon, and lunar= perigee (the point in the moon's orbit that is closest to earth).=20 =20 DECEMBER 24-25 - Optimal time for initiation [See= <Cosmic Christmas] "The night between the 24th and 25th of December is the holy night,= par excellence, of the entire year. The zodiacal sign of the Immaculate= Celestial Virgin stands upon the eastern horizon near midnight. The sun of= the new year is then born and starts upon his journey from the southernmost= point toward the northern hemisphere, to save that part of humanity= (physically) from the darkness and famine which would inevitably result if= he were to remain permanently south of the equator... The spiritual= influences are strongest, in the north, at midnight of the 24th of= December... It would then be easiest for those who wish to take a definite= step toward initiation to get in conscious touch with the spiritual time...= The blazing star is ever there to guide him."= Arial(Ma= x Heindels, Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception: Mystic= Christianity, CA:Rosicrucian Fellowship, 1988, p.= 390Arial)=20 DECEMBER 25, 1999 -= ArialBethlehem 2000.=20 =20 ArialA Palestinian project which will coordinate= many Bimillennial celebrations over a 16 month period. President Arafat has= invited all of Christendom to Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus= Christ starting at Christmas 1999 through Easter 2001. [See:= <Bethlehem 2000] =20 Arial<Papal= A.D. 2000 Jubilee - Opening of Holy Doors in Vatican=20 =20 Arial0000,0000,8080"= The Vatican plans a series of Masses and other= celebrations to mark Christianity's third millennium, and 20 million people= are expected to flock to Rome. John Paul has declared 2000 a Jubilee year,= a time of pilgrimage and celebration. Arial'This= road (of preparation) will take us to the threshold of the Holy Doors,= which will be opened, at God's pleasure, the night of Christmas 1999, thus= giving a start to the Grand Jubilee,' John Paul= declaredBook= Antiqua0000,0000,8080." =20 DECEMBER 31, 1999 - The Millennium Group celebration of 1999.= =20 =20 Egypt bash at the Great Pyramid. Hall of Records to be opened. Pyramid= capstone placed.=20 =20 "Already The Millennium Society has reserved the Great Pyramid of Cheops= near Cairo, Egypt, on December 31, 1999." [Jay Gary, The Star of 2000, p.= 86] =20 JANUARY 1, 2000 - Inauguration of Golden Age =20 'The Year 2000, Aiwass [also known as 'Horus, the Egyptian Sun god'] told= Alister [sic] Crowley ... would mark the inauguration of a Golden Age when= men, ascending to godhood, would banish forever the diseased carcase of= antiquated morality." [Texe Marrs, A.D. 2000-Year of Destiny, Power of= Prophecy, Mar 1999] =20 "...the meeting [of L'Ordre International Chevalvesque Traditional Solare]= held in 1952 in the Castle of Arginy...marked the preparation for the final= stages of the world the year 2000." [Texe Marrs, Dark= Majesty, p. 40] =20 Druid Feast Day - [Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula, p. 81] =20 <World= Peace Party - Robert Muller website =20 "...Robert Muller... said, 'The time has come to= obtain peace on this planet...the United Nations Charter has to be= supplemented by a charter of spiritual laws..."' [Dave Hunt, The Seduction= of Christianity, Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers, 1986] =20 ArialJay Gary: "The watchword for the Year 2000= is a church for every people." [Jay Gary, The Star of 2000, p.= 86] =20 JANUARY 9, 2000 - Janus Festival= [Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th ed., 1997, "Janus"] = (Agonium Festival) Passing of Old Order, inauguration of New= Order=20 =20 "In Roman mythology, Janus was the wind god who brought new beginnings. It= is no accident that the first month of our year is named January. In most= cases, Janus was pictured with two faces, one old which looked to the past= with wisdom and one young which looked to the future with idealism. There's= no doubt the turn of the millennium will pass in review under both= perspectives." [Jay Gary, The Star of 2000, p. 67] =20 JANUARY 19, 2000 - St. Sulpice Feast Day. This "saint" has many= active ministries today with a distinctly "Marian" focus. [Biagent, Holy= Blood, Holy Grail, p. 37] =20 FEBRUARY 2, 2000 - Celtic Imbolc Feast Day.=20 =20 Also called Luperalia [Feast of Pan]; Candlemas Day, Groundhog Day [Cathy= Burns, Masonic & Occultic Symbols, p.258-9] =20 MARCH 17, 2000 - St. Patrick's Day.=20 =20 "Ptah-rekh the name of the Egyptian god Ptah was passed down to us by the= Druids adopting the name Patrick, which sounded similar. St. Patrick's day= then is a Christianized form of a druidic holiday which originally had its= origins in Egypt." [Springmeier Illuminati Bloodlines, p. 229]=20 =20 MARCH 21, 2000 - Druidic Festival for Cronus=20 =20 "A mountain at Olympia was called after him (Chronus) and on its top annual= sacrifices were offered to him at the spring equinox." [Encycylopedia= Britannica, 1911 ed., "Saturn", p. 231]=20 =20 MARCH 25, 2000 - Lady Day also known= as Hilaria =20 =20 "That festival, called Lady-day, is celebrated at Rome on the 25th of March,= in alleged commemoration of the miraculous conception of our Lord in the= womb of the Virgin, on the day when the angel was sent to announce to her= the distinguished honour that was to be bestowed upon her as the mother of= the Messiah. But who could tell when this annunciation was made? The= Scripture gives no clue at all in regard to the time. But it mattered not.= Before our Lord was either conceived or born, that very day now set down in= the Popish calendar for the 'Annunciation of the Virgin' was observed in= Pagan Rome in honour of Cybele, the= Mother of the Babylonian Messiah."= [Hislop,= <Two Babylons, p.= 102] =20 MARCH 29, 2000 - Festival of Satur =20 "As the Papacy has canonised the Babylonian god by the name of St.= Dionysius, and St. Bacchus, the "martyr," so by this very name of "Satur"= is he also enrolled in the calendar; for March 29th is the festival of "St.= Satur," the martyr. (CHAMBER'S Book of Days) To those who= were initiated the god was revealed; to all else he was hidden. Now, the= name Saturn in Chaldee is pronounced Satur; but, as every Chaldee scholar= knows, consists only of four letters, thus--Stur. This name contains= exactly the Apocalyptic number 666:-- S =3D 060, T =3D 400, U =3D 006, R = =3D 200, ---666. [Hislop,= <Two Babylons, p.= 269] =20 MARCH 31 - APRIL 2 - World Core Curriculum Convention =20 APRIL 1, 2000 - Feast of= 0000,0000,ffffVenusffff,0000,00= 00 - Veneralia=20 [Biederman, Dictionary of Symbolism, p. 365]=20 =20 APRIL 3, 2000 - Global Citizenship= 2000 passport expires (must renew or else).=20 =20 "To insure that participants would take this call= to global citizenship seriously, special global passports were issued at= the [Global Citizenship Youth] Congress [April 4-6, 1997]...These passports= symbolized participants' allegiance to Planet Earth. Appearing in the= passports and the conference programs was a special poem written by Robert= Muller entitled 'Decide to be a Global Citizen.'...This poem captured the= theme of the congress." [Gary Kah, The New World Religion, p. 189]=20 =20 APRIL 15, 2000 - Babylonian New Year (Nissan 10)=20 [Christian Myth & Ritual, E.O. James, Gloucester, MS: Peter Smith, 1973, p.= 119] =20 APRIL 16, 2000 - Education and Sharing Day =20 ArialPer Public Law 102--14 (H.J. Res. 104):= March 20, 1991. In 1991, Chabad-Lubavitch in cooperation with President= George W. Bush established the observance of Education Day, USA "to return= the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the= <Seven Noahide Laws." = Corresponds to Nissan 11 [three days before Passover] =20 APRIL 19, 2000 - Aries full moon (Occult Easter).=20 =20 "This is the Festival of the risen living Christ, the teacher of all men and= the head of the spritual Hierarchy...On this day the spiritual Hierarchy,= which he guides and directs, is recognized and the nature of God's love is= emphasized. This Festival is determined always by the date of the full moon= of spring and is the Great Western and Christian Festival." [Lucis Trust,= The Three Major Spiritual Festivals, p. 2] =20 "It was not until 664, at the Synod of Whitby in north Yorkshire, that Rome= achieved the first doctrinal victory over the Celtic Church. The main= debate concerned the date of Easter, for the Chief Pontiff of the day had= decided that Easter should no longer be formally associated with the Jewish= Passover. Against all prevailing custom, and against all Celtic tradition,= the Catholic bishops succeeded in getting their own way - so displacing for= all time the historic Jewish and Celtic ties."= [Laurence Gardiner, Bloodline of the Holy Grail,= p. 215] =20 APRIL 19 - MAY 12 - The Great Work (Transformation= of Humanity) =20 "Aleister Crowley, 33º Mason and Grand Master of the satanic O.T.O.,= taught that the Great Work, the 'Transformation of humanity,' will be= accomplished in the last decade of the 20th Century. In de Rola's Alchemy:= The Secret Art we find an Illuminist-coded message of what will be the fate= of Christians and other rebels during the latter stages of the Great Work.= First, we are told that the Great Work may only be begun in the spring= under the signs of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.' This is the reason, of= course, why the Branch Davidians were assaulted and burned with fire on= April 19, 1993 and why the federal building in Oklahoma City was firebombed= on April 19, 1995. =20 "What's more, exactly 50 years prior to the Waco holocaust (the word= holocaust means a 'burned sacrifice'), on April 19, 1943, Hitler's storm= troopers used flame throwers to incinerate the brave Jewish resisters= fighting from the sewers in the Warsaw, Poland ghetto.=20 =20 APRIL 20, 2000 - Nissan 15 - Passover =20 APRIL 21, 2000 - Pales Festival marks anniversary of founding= of Rome [Webster's Dictionary] "An ancient Roman deity, protector of flocks= and shepherds, whose festival was celebrated on April 21, the legendary= anniversary day of the founding of Rome." =20 "The fire that was so jealously guarded in that temple, and on which so much= was believed to depend, was regarded in the very same light as by the old= Babylonian fire-worshippers. It was looked upon as the purifier, and in= April every year, at the Palilia, or feast of Pales, both men and cattle,= for this purpose, were made to pass through the fire. The Epidaurian snake,= that the Romans worshipped along with the fire, was looked on as the divine= representation of Aesculapius, the child of the= 0000,0000,ffffSun."= [<The Two= Babylons, p. 236] =20 APRIL 22, 2000 - Bimillennial Celebration of Life; Earth Day.= =20 =20 APRIL 23, 2000 - Feast of First Fruits or Easter =20 APRIL 30, 2000 - MAY 1 - Beltane [Celtic feast]=20 =20 "The feast had something to do with fire (its translation is "Fire of Bel",= Belenos being one of the Gaulish gods associated with Apollo...)" Celtic= Religion website. =20 "According to the Satanic Calendar of High Holy Days, April 19 inaugurates a= period of blood sacrifice to the Beast, culminating in the Grand Climax on= May 1st each year.=20 May 1st (May Day), of course, is celebrated in Red Square (note= the color, ffff,0000,0000red) in Moscow each= year by a huge parade and spectacle. It was also on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria= that Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati, and it was May 1st= when the ancient Druids honored their great Sun God and Goddess with an= uninhibited festival complete with initiations, sex orgies, drunken= revelry, and human sacrifice. The May pole and the circle ritual conducted= around it symbolized the male phallus, the regenerative organ of the Sun= God." [Texe Marrs, Circle of Intrigue, p.230]=20 =20 Druidic Initiation =20 "The grand periods of initiation were quarterly, and determined by the= course of the sun, and his arrival at the equinoctial and solstitial = points. But the time of annual celebration was May-eve, when fires were= kindled on all the cairns and cromlechs throughout the island, which burned= all night to introduce the sports of May-day, whence all the national= sports formerly or still practised, date their origin. Round these fires= choral dances were performed in honour of the sun, who, at this season, was= figuratively said to rise from his tomb. The festival was licentious, and= continued until the luminary had attained his meridian height, when priest= and attendants retired to the woods, where the most disgraceful orgies were= perpetrated. But the solemn initiations were performed at midnight, and= contained three degrees, the first or lowest being the Eubates, the second= the Bards, and the third the Druids. The candidate was first placed in the= pastos bed, or coffin, where his symbolical death represented the death of= Hu, or the sun; and his restoration in the third degree symbolized the= resurrection of the sun. He had to undergo trials and tests of courage= similar to those practised in the mysteries of other countries, and which= therefore need not be detailed here." [Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocrasy,= p. 101-2] =20 "Bill Clinton in his inaugural speech said, 'This ceremony is held in the= depth of winter. But, by the words we speak and the faces we show the= world, we force the spring.' Clinton repeated the words 'we force the= spring' later in the speech. That expression is a very unusual expression.= To 'force the spring' is witchcraft language. In witchcraft and satanism= Lucifer (Baal) rises from the underworld on May 1st (also known by the= following list of names: Beltane, a major European holiday, and Walpurgis).= The May 1st rising brings for the season of fertility, which the witches= each year take credit for, by claiming that their magic rituals 'force the= spring.' The ritual magic that 'forces the spring' is done on 3 Sabbats --= the first is Imbolg (also known by names: Candlemas by the Catholics and= Ground Hog Day by common dupes); the second is the vernal equinox (Mar. 20)= in which blood and sex rituals are carried out; and the third is Beltane= (May 1) in which fire festivals are done. This is one of the fire festivals= which people around the United States tell me they have witnessed from a= distance. Witches believe that on May 1st, the female force completes her= takeover from the male force." [Springmeier Illuminati Bloodlines, p. 221] =20 Phallic Festival - Maypole Dance. "What occurred were= 'Festivals'...called phallic festivals. ...Our May-Pole Dance Festival is= the Remnant of the same..." [Churchward, Signs & Symbols of Primordial Man,= p. 74-5]=20 =20 In the spring of 2000, the <Washington= Monument will be reopened. =20 =20 Full Moon of Taurus [Wesak] =20 "Consecrate your every effort to the task of cooperating in the organized= effort to change the current of world affairs by an increase in the spirit= of love and good will in the world during the month of May. In your effort= to help the world at this time there are three things of a practical nature= that can be done. 1. The act of instruction and mobilizing of known= aspirants and disciples of the world, no matter in what group they work...= 2. The call to participate all who can be reached advising them of the day= of opportunity, mobilizing them for a vast world effort to arouse a fresh= spirit of good will, and calling for a united use of great invocation on= the day of the Wesak full moon... 3. Arrange public meetings on as large a= scale as possible on the day of the full moon in May..." [Esoteric= Psychology II, Alice Bailey, p. 691-2]=20 =20 Lucis Trust - [Wesak] is the festival of the Buddha, the= spiritual intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa, and= the Hierarchy... This festival is fixed annually in relation to the full= moon of May; it is the great Eastern festival." =20 MAY 3, 2000 - Nissan 27 [Holocaust Remembrance Day] =20 ArialMAY 5, 2000 - Closing of= present Age of Pisces. Expected to be the day of reckoning, decision and= judgment.=20 =20 New Agers believe that May 5, when all of the planets are in alignment,= will be a "cosmic moment" similar in appearance and significance to the= Star of Bethlehem which announced to the Magi the coming of the Messiah. = At the turn of every age (two millennia), there are "revolutionary= transformations accompanying the change of Ages...It is the twilight of the= gods -- the Day of Judgment for the outgoing and incoming Ages."= [<CalenderSign 2000] =20 The channeled Group emphasized that the Sword and Scepter will be= necessary instruments for the transformation of mankind. In this= discussion is found a curious reference to Kosovo as harbinger of a future= "ethnic cleansing" of "victims" if devotees of Mother Earth would avoid the= cataclysms of an endtime judgment.=20 =20 Arial The= <= Bethlehem 2000 Events Calendar states= Arialthat May 5 is the Feast of St= George, who also happens to be England's Patron Saint of Knights.= The Knights Templar were the Pope's= emissaries to capture the Holy Land in the first crusade of 11th century.= Two hundred years later, the Vatican would dissolve the Order of the Temple= which, in revenge, would begin its own crusade to dissolve the Roman= Church. The fable of St George and the Dragon portrays in allegory the= eventual demise of the Roman Catholic Church (which in Merovingian= tradition is the Dragon of Rev.12) at the hands of St George (symbolic head= of the orders of knighthood). For a fuller treatment of the knighthood= theme which is permeating Christendom,= seeArial= <The Rosicrucian Connection. =20 Arial Thus, closing out the Age= of Pisces, May 5, 2000 is expected to be the day of reckoning, decision and= judgment. Since the planets represent gods in the gnostic traditions, New= Agers believe that the gods will return to earth. Note the Group's gnostic= references to transcending matter, i.e., "taking and holding our true= power while still in biology" as prerequisite for "the= physical changes that were to be expected, and the awakening of humanity".= Mankind is being prepared for a massive visitation of extraterrestrials= (aka, demons) who have promised to assist them in transcending matter to a= higher plane of existence -- that of pure spirit.=20 Arial The sign of this transition= will be the astroarcheological Star of Bethlehem, which contains three= "mystic rectangles", a "Star of David", a "Seal of Solomon", a "Grand= Sextile", superimposed upon one another to form three sets of 6 (666) with= a "Grand Cross" and two five pointed star configurations. This delusional= phenomenon is depicted on= 8080,0000,8080T<he Astroarchaeological Star= of Bethlehem website. The importance of the six-pointed Star of David in occult symbolism and= ritual cannot be overstated. Dr. Cathy Burns' chapter on the Six-Pointed= Star from <Masonic and Occult= Symbols Illustrated, explains the occult significance of this symbol.= <The Six-Pointed Star: The Mark of the= Beast and <Taking the Mark make a= reasonable case for its use by the Antichrist to brand his disciples in a= Luciferic initiation. The six-pointed star has been identifed by the New Age as the Star of= Bethlehem which announces the Advent of= ChristArial. "The Star is the= symbol of the perfect life, the perfect balance, of the Christ-man. The= six-pointed star is the Star of Bethlehem, which again means the Star of= the Son of man." [<GaiaMind]=20 Arial The Scripture that will be= used to deceive even the elect, if possible, will be Matthew 24:29-30:= "8080,0000,8080Immediately after the tribulation of= those days...shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven." = We have noted that verse 29 preceding it declares that the very= stars and planets they worship will be withdrawn:= 8080,0000,8080"...shall the sun be darkened, and the= moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and= the powers of the heavens shall be shaken."=20 The following excerpt from "The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and= Religion" by Sir James George Frazer describes the worship of Adonis that= was indigenous to Bethlehem and later Antioch, a major center of heresy in= the early Church. [Antioch is acclaimed by Hebrew Roots false teachers as= the point of origin of the Scriptures. See:= <The Semitic New Testament on our= website] =20 This ancient festival appears to have included many of the elements that= will characterize the nine month period from August 11, 1999 through May 5,= 2000. Note that the signal for the celebration of the rites was the= flashing of a meteor, which corresponds to the meteor shower expected= during August 11-13, 1999, the first days of the Dawn of the New Light.= Then a mysterious Star, namely Venus - the Morning Star, appeared as a sign= announcing the arrival of deity. This celestial event is expected to occur= on August 21, with the appearance of Venus as the Morning Star, signifying= the New Age type of Christ.=20 Please note the various identities of Adonis as found in the Theosophical= Glossary:=20 "= Adonai (Heb.). The same as Adonis. Commonly translated= '0000,0000,ffffLord'. Astronomically -- the= 0000,0000,ffffSun. When a Hebrew in reading= came to the name of 0000,0000,ffffIHVH, which= is called Jehovah, he paused and substituted the word= '0000,0000,ffffAdonai', (Adni); but when= written with the points of Alhim, he called it= '0000,0000,ffffElohim'." [Blavatsky quoting= W. W. Westcott, founder, Order of the Golden Dawn] [See:= <The Sacred Name on our website] "In this connection a well-known statement of Jerome may not be without= significance. He tells us that= 0000,0000,ffffBethlehem, the traditionary= birthplace of the Lord, was shaded by a grove of that still older Assyrian= Lord, 0000,0000,ffffAdonis, and that where= the infant Jesus had wept, the lover of= 0000,0000,ffffVenus was bewailed. Though he= does not expressly say so, Jerome seems to have thought that the grove of= Adonis had been planted by the heathen after the birth of Christ for the= purpose of defiling the sacred spot. If Adonis was indeed, as I've argued,= the spirit of the corn, a more suitable name for his dwelling-place could= hardly be found than Bethlehem, 'the House of Bread,' and he may well have= been worshipped there at his House of Bread long ages before the birth of= Him who said, 'I am the bread of life.' Even on the hypothesis that Adonis= followed rather than preceded Christ at Bethlehem, the choice of his sad= figure to divert the allegiance of Christians from their Lord cannot but= strike us as eminently appropriate when we remember the similarity of the= rites which would commemorated the death and resurrection of the two.=20 The worship of Adonis even entailed the appearance of a= 0000,0000,ffffStar in the East= (0000,0000,ffffVenus or Astarte)= announcing the resurrection of the god: One of the earliest seats of the worship of the new god was= 0000,0000,ffffAntioch, and at Antioch, as we= have seen, the death of the old god was annually celebrated with great= solemnity. A circumstance which attended the entrance of Julian into the= city at the time of the Adonis festival may perhaps throw some light on the= date of its celebration. When the emperor drew near to the city he was= received with public prayers as if he been a god, and he marveled at the= voices of a great multitude who cried that the= 0000,0000,ffffStar of= Salvationffff,0000,0000 had dawned= upon them in the East. This may doubtless have been no more than a fulsome= compliment paid by an obsequious Oriental crowd to the Roman emperor. But= it is also possible that the rising of a bright star regularly gave the= signal for the festival, and that as chance would have it the star emerged= above the rim of the eastern horizon at the very moment of the emperor's= approach. The coincidence, if it happened, could hardly fail to strike the= imagination of a superstitious and excited multitude, who might thereupon= hail the great man as the deity whose coming was announced by the sign in= the heavens. Or the emperor may have mistaken for a greeting to himself the= shouts which were addressed to the star.= 0000,0000,ffffNow Astarte, the divine mistress of= Adonis, was identified with the planet Venus, and her changes from a= morning to an evening star were carefully noted by the Babylonian= astronomers, who drew omens from her alternate appearance and= disappearance. Hence we may conjecture that= 0000,0000,ffffthe festival of Adonis was regularly= timed to coincide with the appearance of Venus as the Morning or Evening= Star. But the star which the people of Antioch saluted at the= festival was seen in the East;= therefore8080,0000,8080,= 0000,0000,ffffif it was indeed Venus, it can= only have been the Morning Star. At Aphaca in= 0000,0000,ffffSyria, where there was a famous= temple of Astarte, the signal for the celebration of the rites was= apparently given by the flashing of a= 0000,0000,ffffmeteor, which on a certain day= fell like a star from the top of Mount Lebanon into the river Adonis. The= 0000,0000,ffffmeteor was thought to be Astarte= herself, and its flight through the air might naturally be= interpreted as the descent of the amorous goddess to the arms of her lover.= At Antioch and elsewhere the appearance of the Morning Star on the day of= the festival may in like manner have been hailed as the coming of the= goddess of love to wake her dead leman from his earthy bed. If that were= so, we may surmise that it was the Morning Star which guided the wise men= of the East to Bethlehem, the hallowed spot which heard, in the language of= Jerome, the weeping of the infant Christ and the lament for Adonis."=20 [The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion; Sir James George Frazer; I= Vol. Abridged Edition; The Macmillan Company, 1951; pp. 402-403; ch.= xxxiii.] Note the compromise of Christian worship through the= sharing of similar themes and rites with pagan religions. Already= Christians have been conditioned to worship the pagan god, Adonis, courtesy= of the Hebrew Roots Movement which has substituted YHVH and its= derivative, Yeshua, for the name of the LORD. With the current trend of= tattooing people with the Star of David and Hebrew letters, reception of= <The Mark of the Beast will become a= religious rite in the apostate church which will lead many who profess to= be Christian in a natural progression toward worship of the Sun -- the god= of Freemasonry. The occult calendar of events drawing mankind deeper into= the strong delusion of his own divinity will culminate in the revelation of= that man of sin, whose distinguishing characteristic is the total mastery= of occult power:=20 =20
8080,0000,8080Daniel 8:24,25=20
8080,0000,8080"And in the= latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full,= a king of fierce countenance, and understanding=
8080,0000,8080dark= sentences, shall stand up. "And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall= destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and= practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.=20 "And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in= his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall= destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he= shall be broken without hand."=20
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