Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 20:51:57 -0700 From: Christopher Goodheart Subject: UPDATE; US CONCENTRATION CAMPS Well, folks, we need to pray for media expose of these sites and the preservation of freedom here in the US more than ever. Remember what happened to Japanese-Americans during WWII? Please read and forward this news article to loved ones you care about. Take care always. God Bless, Tommy SoCal Concentration Camp Locations In LA And Ventura Counties >From Don 3-7-99 Note - If any of you can get to these locations and take some photos, we would appreciate seeing them and will add them to this story. Suggest you use caution and take a zoom lens along. Thanks to Don for this information. Concentration Camp Locations in Southern California For all you disbeliever's and gun control idiots who think the government knows best, I've compiled a short list of camps you can visit. These camps have armed guards, surveillance systems, and many fences with the barbed wire pointing IN. If you voted for gun-control, then you probably deserve a place in one of these things, as you've sold not only you and your own children down the road, but me and mine as well. Thanks a lot. 1. PEARBLOSSOM, CALIFORNIA: Located at the intersection of Ave 116 and the Pearblossom Highway, this is a full-service facility, complete with gas chambers, moat, machine gun towers, and roving armed patrols. Visit at your own risk. If you do decide to see this one, you will be descended upon by some very mean fellows, who will get your ID and license, then monitor you. 2. FILMORE, CALIFORNIA: Located on highway 126, this at first glance looks like an orange grove and is located on the north side of the highway. It sports guard centers, three--count em--three sets of fences, all pointing in, and some very nasty armed men who tell you to "mind your own business." This camp is huge. 3. SANTA PAULA, CALIFORNIA: This is a holding camp, designed as a stock-yard type of facility for those rounded up in the early sweeps. 4. VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA: This is one of the largest camps ever constructed and measures some two miles by three miles, using the resivoir at the intersection of the 5 and 405 freeways as a cover. New buildings, armed guards, new roads, and many hundreds of buildings for housing the damned. 5. GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA: Right behind Brand Park, take the 5 interstate to Western Ave, then head north up the hill till you arrive at the park. Then take the road -- by foot -- by the doctor's house on the northwestern part of the park. Proceed up the hill to you reach the resivoir, which is in fact, a holding facility. When we were there last, there were five armed guards with M16s walking around. --- Commentary on the Concentration Camps By Don From 3-8-99 With the recent abundance of articles--primarily in the form of postings on the internet--about the Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] and the use of presidential orders to declare martial law; the reported widespread sprouting of what are apparently domestic internment camps, also on the internet; the now highly publicized threats of domestic breakdown due to y2k, and biological terrorism..but this, mind you, mainly in the majority press; the uneven accounts of practice, urban military operations across the Land, complete with live ammunition and black helicopters, to counter whatever is on the menu of the day; and finally, a 3-7-99 Drudge Report [re-posted on Sightings] exposing a secret, underground command and control center in downtown Los Angeles to be used in the event of civil disturbance, one more item to the picture is now offered. Scares you?..Scares me Based on the above, I would suggest if FEMA is at the operational level of overthrowing the government, then what Mr. Drudge reported on is an extension--the local community version--of what is notoriously known as "Big Brother". It has not gone unreported where Big Brother is, but not much in the way of its characteristics have been described previously. However, a report produced by private individuals with sources within the intelligence community gives a small glimpse into the eyes of the "Beast". In that it was not its primary focus, it is all that is available at this time. For information, in the way of background, only a handful of persons at the National Security Council have full authority in this. >From the Report: Re: Electronic Surveillance of American Citizens "The Government has reportedly circumvented the prohibitions against domestic intelligence gathering by the CIA and the NSA by adopting the pretense that the data about the financial transactions of American citizens in U.S. banks are being collected for and stored in databases under the control of FEMA and the White House's National Program Office. These agencies, in turn, justify the data as needed in the event of a national emergency such as a nuclear attack. The agencies reportedly store the data in a remotely-located facility in Culpepper, Virginia, that supports super-secret contingency programs known as 'Continuity of Government' and 'Doomsday'. Once such databases exist, however, encrypted telecommunications links can make the remotely-located databases instantaneously accessible, even without a national emergency, for such nefarious purposes as insider trading and political blackmail. According to confidential sources, these databases are in fact supporting such activities." Doesn't Affect Me.. It doesn't? Do you really believe it will stop there..or that it has? Maybe you have the wrong religion, or maybe even that you have one at all. Ever belonged to SDS? You a card-carrying member of NRA? No to both? How about a relative? Have they? Ever written a letter to the editor? Vote 'independent'? Subscribe to a conspiracy mag? Visit controversial Web sites; that is to say, not endorsed by the mainstream..or ones that criticize the status quo? Remember this when you pass through the color-coded turnstyles at the 'relocation' center: One degree of separation more only gets you through a different gate in the New Order of Things. Sleep on it.. Michael Levy UPDATE Camps - Fact or Fiction? By Don Bradley