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1. Communication Horizons: Year 2000 Compliance Statement
Communication Horizons: Year 2000 Compliance Statement
Last modified 5-Mar-98 - page size 5K - in English
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2. Resume of Douglas A Pavey
Resume: System Administrator, Unix System Engineer, Sr System Analyst
Last modified 31-Jul-98 - page size 16K - in English
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3. Software Tailoring - Computer Programming and Consulting
TM. Welcome to Software Tailoring. Software Tailoring, located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides computer programming and consulting services to fit the needs.
Last modified 4-Jun-98 - page size 4K - in English
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4. Software Tailoring - Programming Projects
TM. Programming Projects. An unordered list of some of the modifications, enhancements and stand-alone modules that we have developed: Payroll Fringe...
Last modified 4-Jun-98 - page size 3K - in English
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5. Membership Information
Dynamic Net, Inc. - Membership Information
Last modified 14-Aug-98 - page size 10K - in English
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6. Senior Developer - Development Center 203-431-3900
Development Center Inc. is a full service consulting firm in Information Technology. Please contact for the available positions. Refer..
Last modified 23-Jan-98 - page size 4K - in English (Win-1252)
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7. Y2K xBase Files
Information and Links to dBase, Clipper & Foxpro year 2000 Solutions
Last modified 8-Aug-98 - page size 4K - in English
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8. Software Support Life Cycle and Year 2000 Compliance
Desktop Standards Including Year 2000 Compliance. This page lists the specific software and hardware products that are in use at UTMB and identifies their.
Last modified 10-Aug-98 - page size 71K - in English
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9. Nog meer millennium-voorbeelden
Nog meer voorbeelden van 2000-problemen. U herkent het vast wel: rekenen met 999 of 999999 gebruiken om het einde van het bestand aan te geven. Ziehier...
Last modified 12-Feb-98 - page size 13K - in English
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10. don
Mainframe Application Strategy Team. Application Status Report. Asbestos - Asbestos History Data Application. Death - Death Reporting System. EIS -...
Last modified 13-Jul-98 - page size 67K - in English
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