Date: Fri, 13 Aug 1999 20:59:40 -0700 (PDT) From: Jim Krage Subject: Comet Lee to Hit Earth Will Comet Lee hit Earth like Shumaker-Levy hit Jupiter? Or could it just pass close and disrupt the Moon's orbit, etc? Check MSNBC News: Check Prophecy at: Check Biblical Prediction at: Attached are some email from Millenium Group at: Biblical Predictions & Comet Lee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >From Comet C/1999 H1 (Lee), (C/Lee), is not a periodic comet (such as Halley) nor is it a long-period comet (Hale-Bopp). In fact it really has no "period" at all as it is coming almost straight into our Solar System from interstellar space. This means that C/Lee's "orbit" (period) can only be determined with any certainty (using official NASA approved gravity only celestial mechanics) after C/Lee has reached perihelion (crossed over the Sun), and exited down below the orbital path of the planets (the ecliptic). So, if C/Lee continues to brighten due its interaction with the solar capacitor (which creates tail drag thereby slowing it down) and adding material, as is entirely probable under the comet plasma discharge theory, then it is reasonable to conclude that its orbit might substantially arc inwards towards Earth. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 6 Jun 1999 17:07:31 -0400 (EDT) Hello Earl, For reasons that are purely personal, I have been following reports on C/1999 H1 (Lee) since its discovery in mid April. This, because I believe there is ample evidence to suggest that it will pass much closer to Earth than originally anticipated in early ephemeris plots. Especially, if H1 Lee is hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection during its perihelion passage. Initially, my concerns were raised when I noticed there were conflicting ephemeris plots posted at the IAU (Minor Planet Center) and at the Japanese astronomy website: So, I decided to plug the ephemeris numbers into Astroarts online orbital simulator. When I did so, I was shocked to discovered that H1 Lee has a high solar (northern) passage over the Earth around November 6/7. This, of course, begs several questions, not the least of which are: Why isn't this comet's close passage being reported in the media? What happens if the orbital ephemeris is altered by an un-anticipated Solar event? ect,ect ... Thanks for your quick reply, James B. Ervin ---------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 06 Jun 1999 13:42:30 -0700 Dear James: I forwarded your email to the group last night and Jim McCanney stayed up all night calculating. The bottom line: He's very very concerned about what he calls a big "curve ball" inbound that could wind up having devastating consequences here on Earth, and if certain factors come into play like the location of the other planets and the moon it doesn't even have to come that close in distance. This comet is the "worst" kind in terms of its ability to disrupt, and interact with, the solar capacitor. That is, its "orbit" is so flat (1) that it's more like a once in the lifetime of the object pass rather than "long period" etc. Consequently, having never interacted with the Sun before, Comet Lee brings with it a high potential for discharging the Solar Capacitor, and I would personally add that it may in fact already be responsible for the very weird actions we have been seeing from the sun over the last several months; ie the appearance that something has been "pulling" energetic charges away from the Sun in the opposite direction of Earth producing large CME's/flares that for the most part have had little electromagnetic effect here on Earth. All of this is to say that after one evenings look see Jim thinks that the "raised eyebrows in certain circles" are very justified. So here's the problem in a nut shell: In order to get a handle on the probable Earth/Solar System affects of Comet Lee, Jim would need access to all of the existing orbital data from day one onward, and then access to the super computers that run the orbital solutions for comets along with the programmers that know how to operate the systems. With this he would then run somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 20 different solutions based on his plasma discharge theory for comets which as you've already surmised would have the comet collecting material like a giant vacuum cleaner rather than sublimating off ice particles per the dirty snowball model. This "collecting" will slow down the comet as it slowed down Hale-Bopp which caused Yoemans at JPL to recalculate the< orbit some 47 different times; and the more space plasma materials collected, and the slower the speed, the tighter the orbit and the closer to Earth Comet Lee will come just like H-B. And several more things need to be pointed out: There is a strong planetary alignment between Earth, Venus, Moon, Uranus, and the Sun in the August 22, 26 range which is within the window of an ecliptic crossing for Comet Lee, along with what astrologers call a "Grand Square" that is an alignment at ninety degrees to the Earth-Sun line of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. And August/September are known months of high Sun activity along with being the peak hurricane season in the Caribbean. And if that weren't enough Earth's orbit position will be smack in the middle of the Sun's tail at that time. All of this has the potential of increasing the electromagnetic reaction between the Solar Capacitor, Comet Lee, the other planets, and Earth. And in case you are not familiar with our atmosphere discharge theory of cyclonic storms, the mention of the hurricane season was simply to say if things charge up over this comet then we could expect a very bad hurricane season indeed; which may turn out to be the least of our concerns. Now to the reality of things: We have about as much chance as a snowball in hell (one of my father's favorites) of getting any kind of cooperation from Marsden at IAU/Harvard, or Yoemans at JPL/NASA. These guys would literally rather die than have their precious "dirty snowball" comet theory be disproved, and it would, and maybe will be, if Jim can get the resources he needs. NASA will simply not allow it to happen as was so graphically evidenced by the outright lies, and deceptions they used, and are still being used, on Hale-Bopp. The fact that lives might potentially be saved with this information will have no effect whatsoever on the NASA/NSA/NSC bunch. That you can count on 100%. If you have any ideas about how we could come up with the resources needed, we sure would be happy to listen. In fact Jim's ready to jump on an airplane at a moments notice; that is, as long as he doesn't wind up in a NASA cage someplace. I'm also more than curious about the "certain circles" mentioned. Standing by, Earl L. Crockett PS: Have you noticed that Marsden left out the ephemeris dates for Comet Lee between June 21 and August 10? Looks like the fix may already be on. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 05:48:42 PDT E: I have heard of Comet Lee, but had no knowledge that is was a threat, so I made a quick call to my contacts in this am, and they are very reluctant to talk with me about Comet Lee. I then went back to the source I talked with last week and he confirmed that Lee is a problem, which has everyone just a little upset at Marsden. At least he is catching some heat from this. The word is Ultra tight security on Comet Lee. We need to get some fixes on this one real quick. I am working on some things, but will probably wind up with nothing the way things look. The Military side of NASA is running this show now, so forget any type of cooperation. Your contact should realize this, maybe he has some influence somewhere, old contact still in contact and so forth. I would consider this a serious threat, particularly since I believe now that they have known about this situation for over a year. That's right, over a year and possible for as long as 20 months, this thing has more than just potential problem with Earth orbit. >From what my source said and the way it was stated, the Moon's orbit could be effected dramatically, and then it may be absolutely nothing; all hype for the Martial Law, and he presidents quest for power. From that I gathered the White House is in full knowledge of the threats and is doing nothing at this point. I will keep watch for new readiness postures of our military, but with KOSOVO, this will be a problem. The status changes almost daily with one unit or another. R. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Mon, 07 Jun 1999 01:24:32 -0500 Earl: I've been able to pull quit of bit out even with the bad or unreliable data available. Besides the mid 2000 alignments already mentioned what really stands out is Sept. 6 1999. This will be a date when the Earth crosses through the cometary orbital plane and Venus is in exact alignment. Almost spooky how exact it is! The comet's wanderings will be primarily within its current orbital plane and if what seems to be shaping up is true regarding the reduction in orbit of the comet (falling inwards towards the sun and slowing down), and given the circa August solar current sheet (solar tail) location, coupled with high CME potential, as well as the post comet perihelion solar increase in activity that is expected--- This entire time frame of August to September, 1999 could be a very serious cyclonic storm, and earthquake, era as well as general other effects such as the opening of the earth's magnetic field to allow high energy particles to stream in to the planetary surface. Oddly enough the lunar alignment will also favor increased potential for earth magnetic field break down at just that time. It is almost as if someone or something had planned this! We really need access to good data and computer processing to determine the possible time frames, and truly locate this comet and its historical path to help predict the future. We have to locate the episodes of wandering and try to predict thefuture. Too bad NASA has destroyed the Hale-Bopp data that we could really use to help provide the correction factors needed on Comet Lee. We also have to search for follow on comets as they usually come in multiples. We really need resources to go any farther and this is shaping up to be very serious. There is no time to waste, and if the past is any indicator of the future (ie Hale-Bopp) the NASA/JPL boys already have the good data buried so deep we will never see it. I wonder what the Hubble Space Telescope has been looking at lately? We do need resources. Jim McCanney ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 00:00:00 -0500 Earl & Gary; We always need to be cautious since some comets that were predicted to be huge have faded, but no matter how you cut it the C/Lee will be a highly observed comet due to its proximity in the North American summer skies. It could be as big and bright as HB to observers, and could also develop an observable sunward spike. It could also send discharges through space to the moon, or Earth, proving the ancient legends about Zeus hurtling thunderbolts amongst the planets; just like Velikovsky wrote about. Now how is NASA going to explain inter-planetary lightning coming from a dirty snowball whose materials would "break apart in your hand?"/ We must keep stressing the potential for electrical interaction not magnetic. Magnetic effects are real but they are by products of the true cause-electrical interactions. This could very well affect our magnetic field and Earth based weather. The big key here is the upcoming planetary alignments and that it will be the electrical plasma alignments not gravity that will be the potential harm givers. Most critical is the September 6, 1999 alignment of Venus, and Earth with the new Moon (with the Moon being to the sunward side of Earth) and with the C/Lee coming over and behind us in the non-sunward side. If the comet starts to kick up CME's in that alignment then we should see some truly horrible hurricanes develop in the Atlantic. I have even considered that if the comet orbit is "hooked" enough we could see a close enough encounter that the Earth and moon could capture this thing as a permanent new member of the earth moon system, or worse; at it would flip out into a future collision course with us again and again like Venus did to Mars some 4000 years ago. More soon, Jim McCanney --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 08:43:18 -0400 Hey Earl, I have been studying Nostradamus and many other prophecies, including Native American ones for years now. One of the other email lists I manage is for Nostradamus and prophecy scholars. A very important comet is a consistent item throughout the various cultures... this object is supposed to arrive about this time and coincide with a great period of troubles for mankind, including what sounds like an asteroid or cometary fragment impact. Nostradamus seemed especially bothered by the solar eclipse coming this Summer (especially notable in Europe) and it sounds like he believed that something (the comet?) would be revealed during this eclipse and that people would interpret it in many different ways. Evidently the comet was not thought by him to impact the Earth but rather bring something else into an impact scenario along with the comet's bright transit by Earth. He describes this in a very similar manner to the Bible's book of Revelation and the discussion of "something like a mountain on fire" being cast into the sea and killing 1/3 of everything. With our mystery guests and a new comet that may be right on track for these prophecies... people who have studied them are a little bit nervous these days and will be until October. Many Nostradamus scholars believe he may have meant September with his reference to "sept mois"... but the window watched by most scholars is from July through September 1999. Also of note are a number of prophecies from Nostradamus and other prophets involving what I believe to be a direct impact from a solar flare and CME event of massive proportions. Descriptions of "fire in the sky", "solar heat upon the seas", oceans boiling cooking the fish in them, snowcaps melting in an instant, rainbows being seen at night (auroras I think). Nostradamus uses symbolic references to "Phaeton's Chariot", a myth about a Sun chariot that was driven recklessly across the skies from India northwest through the middle east, north Africa and Europe with the heat from this "Sun Chariot" scorching the ground as it bumped against it, burning up the trees, melting the snowcaps, and boiling the seas where it touches them. This mythological journey of Phaeton in the Sun-Chariot covers the exact regions Nosty describes as suffering from these various effects that sound like a solar plasma event of some sort. Hal Blondell --0-1804289383-934603180=:13050--