Message from Joe Firmage.

  nbsp; Joe is an extraordinary entrepreneur, who built up a large Internet company and recently sold it for over $3 million, just so he could devote all of his time to his controversial pursuit of the truth. He's very technically gifted, and, until recently, not much of one to be concerned over spiritual questions and issues. This has all changed. His new book will soon be out, and it's a must read. It's no short novel, but rather a lengthy tome of incredible FACTS colorfully woven together into a real-life sort of fabric that may tend to blow many an "educated" mind.
  nbsp; You might, if you have not already, like to visit his website. You'll soon be dealing with information and facts that could easily more than challenge some of your prior belief constructs, just as they did his own scientific mind, when he began to link the facts he uncovered all together. This fellow has a fascinating facility for connecting the dots -- like a real scientific pro might be expected to do -- no matter where it might lead or how uncomfortable the conclusions might be, or whose underpinnings might be seriously shaken.
  nbsp; The recent turn about by the U.S. and other major world governments, regarding the issue of other intelligent life "out there," is most likely not by chance. Even Hollywood's best creative artists and minds have been clearly enlisted to help change the public "awareness" of things previously considered "for wackos only." No less than the establishment cavorting major leaguer, NBC TV Network, did a two hour special on one small facet of this CETI type topic (1997 hit movie "CONTACT" with Jodi Foster) only this week. It's only been admitted by the U.S. Military, within the past few years, that the infamously mysterious "AREA 51" does indeed exist.
  nbsp; For over 30 years the Feds officially and most emphatically denied its existence and the governmental spin doctors took careful and devastating personal aim at the "kooks" and assorted "crackpots," who were merely trying to tell the public the TRUTH about its presence -- and of the bizarre activities going on there. The governmental alliance with the dominant media was easily able to even over-kill their selected loud-mouthed "targets." The beltway team's disinformation specialists were, of course, helped greatly by some of the genuine fruit-cake characters that unfortunately chose to "support" the genuine investigators' legitimate efforts to reveal the truth (while many of us stood carefully clear of the trouble, lest we also be tainted).
  nbsp; Needless to say, these full-fledged weirdos were usually the ones to be elevated into the media spotlights' glare and, thereby, into public view, so that the entire concept of this super secret place, not far from Las Vegas or Los Angeles, was automatically rendered "ridiculous." On the other hand, quite a few of the legitimate "alarmists" and "nuts" had their character purposely, calculatedly, and most thoroughly assassinated; successfully denigrated by the government's well-oiled and powerful discrediting machinery.
  nbsp; But, in the end, those dedicated and level headed truth seekers, whose reputations were so thoroughly trashed, were victorious; because the folks inside the beltway were finally compelled to admit the simple truth.
  nbsp; But these events are all quite recent developments, considering how long the official deception has been going on. Even Hollywood's best talent hasn't been able, in its creative genius, to match the REALITY of what's been taking place all around us, while our heads have been so carefully kept in the media's sandbox.
  nbsp; Have you ever wondered, for instance, how we managed to suddenly take such a quantum leap from the common vacuum tube (in all our radios and early TV's back in the late fifties) to solid state circuitry and the mind shattering capabilities of the "new" invention called the transistor -- the big (miniature, actually) device jump that made solid state electronics what it has become today? Science simply DOESN'T normally progress quite that fast. There are, for one thing alone, just too many sacred cows in the way; too many well established interests in current technology to not at least fight the "new" intruder invention(s). It's almost always been a sort of evolutionary type of progression, much like how we evolved from the Wright Brothers to our modern aircraft and space vehicles. We went from vacuum tubes to solid state almost over night. I know, because I ran an electronics research and manufacturing company back in those days. Things changed so rapidly, that we were knocked on our heels with surprise -- and, of course, delight. [see the URL put up by American Computer's Jack Shulman (CEO and scientist) that tells us so much about this leap into solid state electronics at:

  nbsp; It gives an intriguing insight into this particular technological "invention" and the revolution it fostered, all allegedly by our own BELL RESEARCH LABS' creative skills. At least that's how our history books have heretofore read.]
  nbsp; Right after its formation back in the late 50's, NASA commissioned (fees in the millions) the famed Brookings Institute "think tank" to study whether or not NASA's official objective of exploring space; should it discover other "intelligent" life "out there," should be made public -- if "contact" were somehow made.
  nbsp; Making reference, in the study's recommendations NOT to publicize any such discoveries, to Orson Well's famed radio hoax of the 30's, "The War of the Worlds," Brookings concluded that such information would destabilize our society, create far more chaos that did Well's broadcast, and could easily cause our nation to collapse. Now, many years later, this Brookings Report has finally been fully exposed. The report concluded that the American public just wasn't yet adequately (mentally) conditioned to receive any such paradigm shifting information -- without the whole public psyche coming unglued. Itt was alleged that our most cherished beliefs and sacred institutions could be wantonly destroyed, were such information ever released publicly.

But that was then, and this seems to be a different "now."

  nbsp; Could it be just a coincidence, with the creative arts' aid, that the public "psyche" has now been carefully re-shaped enough, that the previously considered earth-shaking revelation, that we may not be not alone after all, is now almost greeted with ho-hums, yawns, and general boredom? As the old cigarette ads used to opine, "You've come a long way, baby!"
Indeed, it might seem that we have. What do you think?
Did you ever see the classic film, "The Gods Must Be Crazy!"?
This is an exciting time to be alive, and Joe's work is just one great part of the excitement.
Would enjoy getting your take on what he's been doing.
His website is in the message that follows below:
Subject: Important Update


  nbsp; I would like to call your attention to the USA TODAY on Friday, February 19th. You will find there a prominent notice from the International Space Sciences Organization calling attention to a clear pattern of serious20 consideration of the "Unidentified Flying Object" phenomenon by the United States Government, and also a surprising fact of Cold War history only20 recently coming to light.

Timed with this placement, various updates have been made to my web site at Please pay a visit, and pass this message along to others who may be interested.www.
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