Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 22:39:24 -0600 From: Christopher Goodheart Subject: THE QUIET PLAN TO CREATE A NEW WORLD ARMY THE QUIET AGREEMENT TO CREATE A NEW WORLD ARMY The following article was found on the LogoPlex BBS. It is originally from The SPOTLIGHT newsweekly. - o O o - There was one startling development at the recent economic summit in Tokyo that was not reported in the extensive newspaper coverage or in the network television newscasts from the scene: agreement on the formation of a standing UN army. EXCLUSIVE TO THE SPOTLIGHT By James P. Tucker Jr. The Group of Seven (G-7) industrialized nations formally endorsed creation of a United Nations army during the recent economic summit in Tokyo, a fact that is on the public record but was not reported by the Establishment media. The G-7 nations (the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Italy, Germany and Japan) also took action to bring a third great region of the world, the "Pacific Community," into a political reality. The other two regions are the European Community and the "American Community" - as the New World is to be known after the North American Free Trade Agreement is adopted and eventually extended throughout the Western Hemisphere. Both actions, intended to bring about a world government ruling, for political convenience, over three major regions, were ordered by the secret Bilderberg group-Trilateral Commission cabal. Both the Bilderberg group (SPOTLIGHT, May 10) and the Trilateral Commission directly called for such actions during their annual meetings this past spring, in Vouliagmeni, Greece and Washington, respectively. JOURNALISTS NOT IGNORANT While the significance of the Pacific Community might have been missed by some of the 3,000 journalists attending the Tokyo summit, it is impossible for all of them to be ignorant of the G-7's endorsement of a world army under UN command. But only Frank Murray of the Washington Times, known to this writer as an honest reporter from his years with the defunct Washington Evening Star, dared report this startling development. "The leaders advocated a stronger peacemaking role for the UN, specifically endorsing Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali's vision of a UN army," Murray wrote on July 8. The UN chief's "Agenda for Peace" specifically calls for a standing UN army accountable only to the Security Council. The text of the G-7's joint communique supported "preventive diplomacy, peacemaking, peace - keeping and post-conflict peace building in the context of the secretary- general's Agenda for Peace." CONSTITUTION IGNORED Although the U.S. Constitution says the president of the United States is commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces and that only Congress can declare war, the leaders of the world shadow government are confident this can simply be ignored. They celebrate the fact that former President George Bush, after having his ambassador assure Saddam Hussein of America's inaction if he reclaimed his "19th province" - Kuwait - went first to the UN for permission to go to war with Iraq, then to Congress. Bush (a super-rich Trilateralist) undertook the invasion of the sovereign nation of Somalia as a lame duck. President Bill Clinton (a Bilderberg member) left American soldiers there under the command of a UN general from Turkey. This was the first time in history American soldiers were placed under command of a foreign officer accountable not to the U.S. president nor Congress but to the UN. This passed with little public protest; it received scant media attention. More recently, Clinton has dispatched U.S. troops to Macedonia in the former Yugoslavia, under command of a Danish general who lectured them on behavior and announced he would have to "retrain" them. U.S. TROOPS UNDER FOREIGNER It is the first time American troops, paid by U.S. taxpayers, have worn the blue berets of the world army, marched under the UN flag and found themselves commanded by a foreigner who could order them to their deaths without conferring with an American president or Congress, not to mention American taxpayers or parents. While the conditioning of the public mind to accept this surrender of American sovereignty has been subtle over recent years, it is now becoming open. First, Brian Urquhart, former UN "peacekeeping" chief, called for a standing world army in a widely read book. Then, recently, Stephen Rosenfeld devoted an entire op-ed column in the Washington Post calling for a world army under the UN. "A UN legion, first proposed 45 years ago, is an idea whose time has come," Rosenfeld wrote. MEDIA IN CAHOOTS Katharine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post, and her top executives have long been members of both the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission (the two groups have overlapping membership). This is also true of the publishers and top executives of the New York Times, Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times and other major publications. These secretive groups are composed of leading figures from industry, banking, politics and the media the world's wealthiest, most influential and powerful. Yet the Establishment media never reports on their activities, and even denies the existence of the senior, more powerful Bilderberg group. The SPOTLIGHT has reported on these groups, and penetrated the secret, guarded meetings of the Bilderbergers for years. All members promise absolute secrecy and to collaborate in furthering the world shadow government's agenda. Clinton, in a speech written at the Bilderberg meeting last spring in Greece, called for a new "Pacific Community" at the Tokyo summit. Clinton carried with him to Tokyo a report from the Carnegie Foundation which, like the Council on Foreign Relations, is one of many propaganda arms of the world shadow government. It called for a Pacific Community. The Pacific Community and American Community, as they emerge, are to be patterned on the European Community. They are to have legislatures like the European Parliament, which will ultimately override national laws. Common currencies, and then a world currency, are to be introduced in the years ahead. The internationalist Establishment media and numerous "one-world" promoters and commentators called Clinton's speech "visionary." ===================================================== The story above is taken from The SPOTLIGHT newspaper, published weekly in Washington, D.C. by Liberty Lobby. Subscriptions, $36/year. 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