Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 09:46:44 -0800
From: Jim Krage
Subject: 666 in Bar Codes?

Dear Friends:
I have seen several overviews claiming that the numbers "666" are in the standard UPC Bar Code.
Look at a Bar Code
If true, the prediction in Revelation 12:17-18 "that no man may buy or sell" without the mark of the Beast ("666") is currently implemented in every store.
Most claims of this, however, give no proof of the Bar Code interpretation.
The claim is that the 2 narrow lines that descend below most of the other lines of the UPC Code at the far left, far right and center are each the number "6". In the specifications of the Uniform Code Council (another UCC)[section of], they are the "guard bars" on the far left and far right sides, as well as the "center pattern" of the UPC-A Bar Code.
The only place on the internet where the number symbols themselves are elucidated is in a graphic. Please note that the black/white pattern for the number symbol on the left side is the negative image of the symbol on the right side. When you switch white for black and black for white, you will see that it is the same symbol for both sides. If you view the right-side symbol for "6" you will see that it is the same 2-narrow-line pattern as is used for the guard bars and center pattern, thus confirming that the 2 guard bars and center pattern form a delimiter of "666".
This confirms the claim with information from the Uniform Code Council's own website.