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Republican Lawmaker Hints At Reno Cover-Up On Waco

They used the Army at WACO, in violation of Federal Law (Posse Comitatus).

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THE LIBERTARIAN, By Vin Suprynowicz
    Darn these inconvenient revelations
    So now the FBI, whose agents and poobahs have sworn for years -- under oath, in front of Congress -- that none of them fired any incendiary devices into the Branch Davidian Church in Waco on that fiery day in April of 1993, seems ready to admit (faced with hard evidence in the possession of George W. Bush's Texas Rangers) that they did, well, you know, lob in a round or two.
    It should hardly matter. Knocking down the walls and staircases of a wooden building to which one has illegally shut off the electricity -- being well aware you have left the residents (including women and children, none wanted for any crime) to heat and light the place with kerosene, using tanks (sorry, "armored personnel carriers") to spray flammable CS nerve gas (banned under the Geneva convention) into a building whose residents have found cause to pile bales of flammable hay against the walls to block federal machine-gun bullets, and then purposely keeping fire engines miles away, would constitute grossly negligent homicide in most jurisdictions, anyway.
    But just out of curiosity: When do you think we'll now see a goodly number of arrogant, lying FBI agents, up to and including their boss, Janet Reno (who has already "accepted full responsibility"), indicted, tried, and jailed for perjury before Congress?
    If you named a date, could I interest you in a turn-key franchise, selling ice-fishing rigs in Hades?
    In the meantime, concerned observers may want to consider the very Clintonesque political use of the word "inoculation."
    When it became obvious to his 1992 campaign staff that candidate Clinton was likely to suffer a nearly endless parade of "bimbos" coming forth to declare they have suffered the unwanted sexual attentions of Little Rock's Rooster-in-Chief, what strategy did they adopt?
    The candidate went on television, biting his lip and blinking away a tear as he admitted he had once "caused pain in his marriage." The first little-lady-to-be bit her own tongue and sat next to him, dressed in Jackie Kennedy pink,(HOW DARE SHE) implicitly promising to "stand by her man" ... at least until an appropriate northeastern Senate seat opened up.
    And it worked. Thereafter, whenever the next "trailer tramp" shuffled forward to proclaim Bill Clinton had exposed something that needed kissing, or committed forcible rape during a real estate tour, his loyal network toadies would snarl with exasperation on the talking head shows: "The Clintons dealt with all this during the campaign. Don't we have any fresh news to discuss?"
    Today, it's Mike McNulty, co-producer of the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" who promises to come out with a sequel this fall, titled "Waco: A New Revelation." Mr. McNulty has been asserting all summer he has evidence there were officers of the Army's Delta Force at Waco the day the Branch Davidian children were incinerated, and hard evidence that someone -- whether FBI or U.S. Army -- fired incendiary rounds as well as machine guns into that building that day.
    Meantime, against all expectations, a federal judge is allowing the civil suit of the Branch Davidian survivors against their government attackers to move forward in federal court in Texas, virtually guaranteeing there will be an ongoing series of new revelations about the brutish behavior of the ATF and FBI in Texas in 1993.
    So, what better way to "inoculate" the Clinton administration than to hold some cursory investigation now, pin the blame on a couple of low-ranking dweebs (assuming they can't figure out a way to blame Vince Foster or Ron Brown), and then redeploy Eleanor Clift and company to shriek: "This was all dealt with back in September of '99. It's ancient history! Don't we have some news to discuss that's less than seven years old?"