Hong Kong, Gold, Opium, Britain & China

1. Hong Kong - From Opium War to present 15-Aug-97
2. DEALING WITH CHINA Barbarians at the Gate (the Economist)29-Feb-96
3. LEXIA Seminar: 13-Aug-97 PROGRAM PROFILE: Shanghai.
4. A Mendel Timeline: 1840-1849(52K)- 5-Oct-97: The Opium War: HongKong = Hotspot
Great HongKong Update "HongKong: From Opium War to 1997 & Beyond"
6. Frontline: Opium Throughout Historyc.3400 B.C.   The opium poppy cultivated in lower Mesopotamia. The Sumerians refer to it as Hul Gil, the 'joy plant.'-(41K)-10-Jun-97
7. Inren's World Online: China +(Good History Overviews of Opium problems) 9/10/97
8. Earth Times/POLITICS: Last days of Hong Kong under the British Raj. 7/3/97
9. Picturing Hong KongReading: A Brief History of Hong Kong to 1910. by Joanna Waley-Cohen. Reprinted from Picturing Hong Kong:Photography 1855-1910,1997-6/24/97
10. Weekly Hong Kong News recent Protest of Tiananmen Square massacre-7/25/96
11. G. Arrighi, I. Ahmad & M. Shih, "Beyond Western Hegemonies"(Paper) Oct1996.
12. Good Luck, all Chinese(By woman 05/23/1997 12:48:02) hong kong handover to china is a very good thing for all the chinese in the world . but hopefully. (email from Chinese?)
13. Teaching Resources seminar 22History Seminar 22 : European Imperialism (extracts) Sir John Seeley and the Expansion of England (1883). Byron and
14. World Bank: against currency trading 26-Sep-97 ARCHIVE. [source: wires, W
15. aidswire.93.02.22 16-Dec-93 HIV prevalent in HongKong because of IV drug predominance

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