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***ALSO: Amer.LawSourceOnline
ALSO's USA Federal Page
ALSO's California Page
California Court Forms approved by Judicial Council
Office of Admin Law & Judicial Council
FindLaw's Cases & Codes
Freedom Law w/ Libraries


  1. US Courts:
    Supreme Ct (1937+), Ct. of Appeals (1995+),
    (District Courts: see States),
    Special Courts
    Fed Court Decisions
    Fed Rules of: Crim Proc, Evidence
    Supreme Court arguments
    Supreme Ct Decisions 1990+
    Pre-1990Classic Cases
    by Name
    300 US to 422 US Cases (Villanova)
    150 US to 509 US (FindLaw)
    Circuit Court Cases 1st - 11th, etc

  • USA - Constitution
  • USA - current Legislation / Statutes at Large
  • USA - USC: US Codes
  • USA - CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
  • USA - Rules of Practice and Procedure
  • USA - Administrative Law Sources
  • Federal Register
    US Supreme Court Decisions 96-98
    IRS (check our IRS Info & TaxGate's &
    US Tax Codes Title 26 , CFR
    Emory Univ. links to documents
    IRS Cases
    GPO Search of Federal Databases
    House Law Library ((indirect?)
    Lib of Congress (Library)
    Congress, or Thomas - current bills
    Congress GLIN Guide to Law Online,   GLIN Search


    ALSO's (USA) - California Page
    FindLaw's California Page
    Index to all Laws, Codes & Regulations (Cal & Fed)
    Calif. Table of Contents of Codes: Directory Index,   Directory (Unix),   «Search»
    LA County LA County Courts
    Government Code,
    Civil Code,
    Code of Civil Procedure,
    Penal Code
    Revenue and Taxation Code,
    Vehicle Code (formerly Fred Korematsu Law Library)
    AllRise Procedures,
    AllRise Contracts,
    AllRise Torts,
    AllRise Federal Law,
    AllRise State Law,

    Law School Librairies:

    Cornell Law. . Berkeley Law . . Emory. . Indiana Law Index. . Index U. Tex
    Meta-Index for Legal Research (GSU)
    Computer Fraud Law resource (AZ Uiversity)

    Indexes & Sites:

    Amer Law Src Online (ALSO)
    Calif Law Review
    Calif. Law
    Find Law
    Internet Lawyer Ref
    Law School dot com
    Lectric Law Lib
    Legal List
    Legal Net
    All the Gopher Servers in the World
    Federal Law Weekly Punch&Jurists
    Administrative Law Links
    Legal Files and Definitions by Winter
    Indiana Univ Law Library
    Criminal Justice Links (massive!)
    Constitution Society(Constitution online)
    Journal of Online Law JOL, . . Tarlton Law Lib, . . Web Sites for Legal Research
    OTLA:PUBLIC AREA (Federal Court Resources)
    Federal Courts and Caselaw (The Practicing Attorney's Guide)
    Legal Resources on the Net (California Anti-SLAPP Project) (State Court System Links)


    CDA declared unconstitutional 6/16/96 (Communications Decency Act) Stale Warrants/Lack of Speedy Trial - Serna Decision
    Henry Rolland vs. Shasta County, Cal. Tankersly won again!

    Title 42 suit cites

  • page of Title 42 lawsuit cites


    10 unprinted news. . Fund for ConstitutionalGov. . Home Taping Rights info
    Info on Mike New 2. . Libertarian Lawyer
    Nolo Books info. . Corp writ briefs 4 lawyers. . Full Disclos:privacy/surve
    Law Links = Law based News
    Westlaw's Search ($3.75 per search/$8 per doc)
    Into to Cal. Environmental
    What is Cal Law? (journal)


    Request a Verified Complaint when get a Notice to Appear
    Netlaw Library - CRC Cal
    P&A for Helmet case
    Articles on NWO, etc
    Biased Journalsim article on Foreclosures