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NATO destroyed Libya to get the Oil and give the Rothschilds the Central Bank


NATO Genocide in Libya to get the Oil and
give the Rothschilds the Central Bank
but Gaddafi may not be Dead (see below),
Study the photos & see they got 1 of his 12 "Doubles"
and NATO faked an excuse to leave,
now Civil War will force the Rebels to leave.

NATO atrocities, killing civilians for the purpose of defending them?
Whatever happened to "National Sovereignty"? The Libyan people told NATO to go.
The "Rebels" are not Libyans.
The "Rebels" are 3 outside factions: Al-Qaeda, Iran-backed and NATO-backed.
The 3 Rebel factions are not united, but are now fighting and killing each other.
A large number are Egyptians, brought in earlier as laborers, who were trained militia.
Moammar Gaddafi had idiosyncracies, but he gave up power long ago to their Republic.
He set up a Government for the People, and used oil revenues to help the people. Everyone got a free house, free electricity and water, jobs for all, etc.
Gaddafi's "jamahiriya system" is a Republic-like government by local councils of the people.
The oil wells are owned by the people through the council-jamahiriya system.
What NATO sees as a problem is that the Oil Profits don't go to Conglomerates,
the Central Bank isn't held by the Rothschilds, and the Euro/Dollar was to be replaced for oil purchases by the gold-backed African Dinar.
The Rothschilds, Euro/Dollar banks interests, and Conglomerates had to stop Gaddafi.
Gaddafi's Green Book
Outline of the
Perfect Self-Supporting
supported by local Councils.
This is the plan that he
successfully implemented to make
Libyans live like sovereigns.
(Too Good for the Rothschilds)
Gaddafi was setting up a Gold-backed African Dinar to replace the Dollar and Euro to buy oil.
Also, he was going to bail other African Countries out of IMF Debt and IMF directives that sink most countries.
He set up the closest thing to the dream of our Founding Fathers of any country.
Read the Report on Libyan Jamahiriya by the UN Human Rights Council on January 1, 2011 - 29 Countries praised it,
It was the first step toward giving a UN Human Rights Award to Libya.
So, the US and NATO had to destroy it, because it was a ideal government, before it spread and became popular.
Our news media and the CIA set us up to accept that he was evil, when he was good.
  • (the northern cities of) "Tajoura, Tarhouna and Bani Walid are under Green (Jamahiriya) control, because the people want to live in the Jamahiriya system" and
  • "southern Libya is Green (pro-Jamahiriya and anti-rats) and the population is resolute to rid the country of traitors, terrorists and criminals who sold out to NATO so that the FUKUS countries (France, UK and US) could steal the country’s sovereign funds and its massive resources."
  • "The Tuareg consider the rats as enemies, the Warfallah tribe considers the rats as enemies."
  • "The rats are showing clear signs that they are about to start a massive firefight amongst themselves. Benghazi wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misratah wants to become independent from Tripoli, Derna wants to be independent from Tripoli, Misrata brigades are now speaking about attacking Tripoli."

Gaddafi may NOT be DEAD!
Some claim they got 1 of his 12 "Doubles"
and NATO faked an excuse to leave

How they Photoshop'd the photos of his Double
How they Photoshop'd the photos of his Double
KnowTheLies.com: Gaddafi is not dead!
LibyanFreePress: Gaddafi is not dead!
Mathaba.net: AfriSynergy: Muammar Gaddafi's "death" is NATO psyops job on the minds of the Libyan people
NATO has bombed Libya back to Stone-Age. Hillary says goal is to assassinate Gaddafi
Compare the side views of the Dead man and Gaddafi - look at the ear lobes, upper lips and younger skin
Compare the front photo of alleged dead Gaddafi with his photos alive:
(from LiveLeak.com
(The chin, nose, eyebrows, and top of head are different)

* Muammar was nowhere near Sirte on 19-20 October.
* Muammar is taller and older than the man who was murdered
* Although the photos here are not the best (opposite sides of the heads), they show enough to see that it was not Gaddafi.
* Muammar has some specific facial marks not present on the dead man, study recent photographs.
Read how the real Saddam Hussein was taken to Qatar, then Belarus. (His clone went to trial)

Video of War Crime: alleged POW Gaddafi captured, tortured and Killed by Rebels
evidence (above) is that it was not Gaddafi

A Final Comment

(from mathaba.net:

Under Gaddafi, Libyans had Africa's highest standard of living because oil wealth created economic growth and provided generous social benefits.
Under Decision No. 111, everyone got free healthcare, education, training, rehabilitation, housing assistance, disability and old-age benefits, interest-free loans from Libya's public bank, subsidies to study abroad, free electricity and water, generous stipends for newlyweds, and practically free gasoline.
All of it's now gone, replaced by impoverishment, destitution, deprivation, homelessness, hunger, disease, fear, insecurity, and despair.
Gaddafi's Libya no longer exists.
Jamahiriya loyalists want it back.
They won't quit until they get it.
There will be civil war for a long time against the unjust takeover of a working Republic
by citizens that remember how they got free houses, electricity, water and guaranteed jobs
and fight to get their oil revenues back - for the people, not the oil conglomerates.

Get Unbiased News on Libya:

90% of the People of Libya want Gaddafi, because he was a good leader for them, and gave the oil revenues to the people.
Mathaba.net: A Third Visit to The Great Socialist North African Jamahiriya. Moroccan, Algerian, and Libya tribes had met, in a series of secret meetings, and agreed to form a united front of tribal militias whose intent was to launch what they called, The War for the Liberation of Northern Africa. This alliance of tribes, it's claimed, is backed by a united North African Front. the Tuaregs want to declare Muammar Gaddafi as their Sultan (their leader).
So mathaba.netNATO is now massacring the city of Sirte, hometown of Gaddafi, razing the city to the ground, with the civilians.<
US Rep Kucinich tells how NATO violated UN Mandates and took sides with a Minority of Rebels.
Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi Speech on September 8th, 2011
Read more at WhatReallyHappened.com on Libya.
www.globalciviliansforpeace.com/tag/ntc/ has a good overview.
www.endthelie.com had great updates on Libya (NOW GONE).
Gaddafi and sons are fine in Tripoli, while the rebels are perpetrating widespread racist murders and looting
Also, news that previously the CIA bribed a Lockerbie Witness about $2million, and other wrongs, to discredit Libya.

Get the latest unbiased news at:

www.BlackListedNews.com news
RT.com: Rebels claim China blocking release of Libya's frozen assets
www.atam.org: NATO and US lied
www.DeadlineLive.info: NATO Countries fight for Libyan Oil
RT.com: Rebel Leaders chosen by France, etc, not by Libyans.
(in Italian and French:)jerbanews.blogspot.com/

CNN: Amnesty International - NATO Rebels, Torture & Abduct Women & Childen, NATO Crimes In Libya

Former U.S. Congressman Rev. Fauntroy said "more than 90 percent of the Libyan people love Gaddafi" and UN Troops are massacring Civilians, not protecting Civilians

Read an Interview at www.Afro.com: Former U.S. Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who recently returned from a peace mission to Libya, said he went into hiding for about a month in Libya after witnessing horrifying events in Libya's bloody civil war -- a war that Fauntroy claims is backed by European forces. French and Danish troops storm small villages late at night beheading, maiming and killing rebels and loyalists to show them who was in control. Gaddafi assured him that if he survived these attacks, the mission to unite African countries would continue.
"Contrary to what is being reported in the press, from what I heard and observed, more than 90 percent of the Libyan people love Gaddafi," Fauntroy said. "We believe the true mission of the attacks on Gaddafi is to prevent all efforts by African leaders to stop the recolonization of Africa."

(Also mentioned on Wiki
Compare the photo of alleged dead Gaddafi with his photos alive:

(The chin, nose, eyebrows, and top of head are different)

(from LiveLeak.com

Many People were misinformed by Slanted Western News to Hate Gaddafi, and call him a Dictator in order to invade and destroy Libya for "Assassination purposes"

First, he is not a Dictator, the council-based Republic that they call "Jamahiriya" is directed by the people. Gaddafi didn't control the country, the people did.
Gaddafi has idiocyncracies, but even if you hate him as a person, the people and their republic should not be dismantled.
NATO has no right to tear down a thriving Republic and give chaos, like in Irak and Afghanistan.
TheDailyBell.com hates Gaddafi, but is dismayed that most rebels are Mercenaries paid by the West, not Libyan Rebels.

Watch the Video and Learn

  • Gaddafi set up a Central Bank owned by the Government, not the Rothschilds.
  • Libya is debt-free.
  • Every Libyan gets a Free Home, Free Water, and Free Electricity.
  • Gas in Libya is 14 cents a gallon.
  • Education and Healthcare are Free and High Quality
  • the Government pays to study abroad or get Healthcare in another country, if it's better.
  • Loans are 0% - Interest-Free by law/
  • Buy a Car, and Libya pays 50%
  • On July 1, 2011, 1.7 million people assembled in Green Square to support Qaddafi and tell NATO to stop.
    (that was 95% of the population of Tripoli - 1/3 of all Libya)
  • Witnesses were bribed $4million to lie about the Lockerbie jet bombing - they've recanted.
    (read more at defraudingamerica.com/lockerbie_index.html
  • Qaddafi tried to stop the US Dollar from being the medium of exchange for OIL.
  • US and NATO want a Rothschild Bank in Libya and the Dollar to be used to buy OIL.

If you don't believe it, download and read the following:

Please read Qaddafi's Green Book. Download link: Qaddafi's Green Book on Truth or here

The draft UN report on human rights in Libya before the NATO bombings & invasion.
UN report or locally

Read about even more at whatreallyhappened.com and Blaclistednews.com
Before NATO intrusion, Libya was African Switzerland
libyanfriends.com (now gone): "2 million people in Tripoli, 99% Gaddafi supporters. NATO brings boat loads of rebels knowing full well a bloodbath was the only possible outcome. How humanitarian. Nothing on NATO news about the majority of the population of Tripoli being terrorized by terrorists. They refer to civilians as “Gaddafi loyalists”."

July 1, 2011 - 1.7 million Libyans tell NATO to stop

Dr. Webster Tarpley: West after Libyan oil, riches

In this interview with Press TV, Dr. Webster Tarpley emphasizes that the Western military invasion in Libya has nothing to do with democracy and has merely launched imperialist attacks to provide the West with Libya's oil and riches.
[Libya] is a country that has been raped. Libya had the most advanced standard of living in Africa measured by the UN in development programs, in terms of health, education, welfare, the status of women, and in many other social and economic measures. It also had the most advanced water infrastructure of just about any place in the world, and of course its oil industry, and many other things that were being promoted. This is now being completely smashed.

Russia's Putin appalled at NATO

Libya Bombed for Oil and Dollars

Another Video on Libya

Please read Qaddafi's Green Book. Download link: Qaddafi's Green Book on Truth or here
Gaddafi's "jamahiri system" is a Republic-like government directed by local councils of the people. The oil wells are owned by the people through the council-jamahiri system.

Luis Farrakhan talks about Libya 8/13/11


www.atam.org: NATO and US lied
CIA Bribes Witnesses in Lockerbie Bombing Trial
Muammar Gaddafi's wife and three children flee Libya for Algeria
Libya SOS
www.OilPrice.com: Unseemly Scrabble for Libya’s Post-Gaddafi Oil Assets Underway

Impartial Observations by Diana about Libya:
In the 1980s, when General Gaddafi’s polices veered to the left and nationalization of the economy became widespread, her father’s business was severely affected. So Diana’s own background is not what one might expect of someone who now is speaking up passionately against the NATO assault on Libya…..
Unfortunately, most mainstream western journalists seem interested only in hearing from anti-Gaddafi Libyans. So it is that westerners continue to get a one-sided picture of Libya which helps support the case for NATO bombing.
Here’s another side to the story…
I was in Tripoli Libya till last week [April 2011], but on my family’s insistence left through Tunis to Europe.
I still get information directly from Libya having all the connections, plus I stay informed by following independent journalists.
My views? I’m very democratic up to a point. But I categorically oppose lies.
To make things clear, I am neither pro or against Qaddafi the man. I’m indifferent – he does his job, I do mine. Yes, he’s a dictator – but he has to be to keep in peace around 420 tribes (Not sure about the exact number of tribes. Originally they were 120, the rest are sub-tribes. Don’t ask – even I can’t comprehend it! )
When Qaddafi came to power Libya had approximately 80% illiteracy. He made schooling obligatory To make a long story short, Qaddafi turned the country around and made it prosper.
I didn’t like the way he did it always, but its done – and who am I to complain when I see the results have been good!?
Prior to the 17th of February, so-called ‘innocent’ protesters had killed 4 policemen – and succeeded stealing a depot of arms, killing some soldiers! The Libyan army tried to defend itself, which was natural enough.
Then came the ‘day of rage’ (17th February 2011). (Bear in mind that YouTube [which immediately published alleged videos from that day] had been blocked in Libya for over a year!)
On the day of rage the protesters were not like in Egypt & Tunis. Protesters came out of Mosques armed! If this happened in your country, what would the government do?
The army shot up to the air to frighten them and protesters started shooting troops in cold blood – so the army had to defend itself…
The rebels, working with ex-patriots, cocked up the massacre story (which never took place). Try to find a massacre video from the ‘day of rage’. You will find nothing.. All the videos they uploaded were fake – using footage from demonstrations in Iraq, Israel and some other places.
Al Jazeera, which belongs to Qatar, works with the Americans BBC, CNN etc . You’ll notice they tell much the same story.
There are about six and a half million Libyans. Say a million of them don’t want Qaddafi. That leaves five and half million who are with the Libyan government – so how can western governments demand we have to change?? Would your country like that – or accept it?
The whole battle is for oil & water reserves that are as big and as wide as the whole of Europe. Then there are all the other natural resources in Libya. Having Qaddafi in power is an obstacle to some greedy, powerful people in the west!
How to achieve peace? Qaddafi and the Libyan government have asked for a ceasefire – to sit down to talk. But the rebels have rejected that – together with NATO.
I cringe at the idea that Libya might become another Somalia!!!
The main thing is to inform people about the truth. Let them hear BOTH sides – then they can decide which one is the truth!
The US and NATO are demanding that Qaddafi has to leave – but that is NOT their decision to make.
It’s a decision for Libyans.
Independent news sources such as Pan-African Newswire, Black Agenda Report, Final Call, Modern Ghana, The Nigerian Voice, Ethiopia.org, Pravda, Mathaba News Agency, Centre for Research on Globalization, New Dawn Magazine, San Francisco Bay View and many others have been in the vanguard of providing a counterattack to the corporate media’s campaign of lies and deception.
Pan-African Newswire AFRICOM to Further Expand Role on Continent
Black Agenda Report McKinney: Ethnic Cleansing Spreads in Libya
Final Call What has Libyan war unleashed on Africa?
Modern Ghana Libyan fighters battle for Kadhafi hometown
Pravda What they don't tell you about Libya
Centre for Research on Globalization Libya: NATO's "Humanitarian" Military Road Map
New Dawn Magazine In the Theatre of the Absurd, Libya Now Takes Centre Stage
San Francisco Bay View Libya: Colonialism lives!
Human Rights Investigations.org Ethnic cleansing in Libya: Jesse Jackson Jr slams Mahmoud Jibril
Gaddafi's Green Book
Outline of the Perfect Self-Supporting Republic
"Jamahiriya" supported by local Councils.

Report: Antichrist Identity

The Antichrist Identity Full 5 Part Series
Get the truth on the Antichrist and his identity based on recent discoveries on the covert plans of the Illuminati who are master-minding his coming?

Apocalypse Survival Guide

Astral Projection How To Book

Still More Recent News on Libya:

www.lisbonreporter.com on Libya (LISBON FALLS, MAINE USA)
Lyndon La Rouche on Libya
theintelhub.com: Susan Lindauer On NATO Lies – Libyan Rebels Are Murderers, Al Qaeda Connected
Atam.org: NATO & U.S. LIED
CBS "C-BS" - BS Commentaries on Libya

(YouTube - now gone): Moussa Ibrahim - NATO Crimes In Libya. "We have decided to either win or to be martyred with courage." "We are fighting in squares, rooms, valleys and villages." "We are not fighting just armed rebels; we are fighting NATO, one of the biggest military forces despite its lack of morality and crippled morale."
the conspiracy is big, but we are still strong and god is testament and witness to that. We are still capable of tipping the table against these traitors and cowards and their NATO masters.
There are big stretches of Libya that are still loyal to Libya the mother; the strip from Brega to the New Hisha is fully liberated (which is a very large stretch that is approximately 600 km).
The strategic location of another strip that extends from the sea to the Niger / Chad borders (1600 km in length), is fully liberated passing by: Sokna, Hon & Murzuq. There also another strategic strip of liberated area from Sirte to Bani Walid passing by cities and hamlets.
Truthout reluctantly agrees that the Libyan People were thriving
Truthout shows NATO's rotten motives
Truthout puzzled that weapons are looted? (The People, 95% of which love Gaddafi, are taking their weapons)
Truthout: Obama says US Robot Planes are not in War, because no Americans are dying
House of Representatives sue Obama to stop in Libya

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