Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 11:26:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: What's Going On In Idaho? What's Going On With JP-8?

I received this e-mail today. Information previously received (as outlined after the e-mail) helps to verify it's validity. If you can confirm or deny any of this, please let me know.
Subj:	 The state of Idaho
Date:	97-07-23 00:10:16 EDT

To Whom it may concern;

	This past winter was quite the episode,  we were hit by massive floods and
mudslides, and lost power, in some places up to two weeks. The most
interesting thing though was how the government reacted. 

The state of Idaho told us that the two highways leading into our area would
be shut down for at least a year. When some of the locals with heavy
equipment decided to cut through the mud and open a way through they were
told by the State to get out of there. Leave it alone. Our local sheriff
told them to keep going. He's a friend of mine and told me he got quite the
tongue lashing over that. After that FEMA moved in and the locals around
here seem to be the only ones not working. If you live here and don't work
for them,  I guess you don't work. what's worse is that an awful lot of
people I know including myself have been getting these strange sicknesses.
One day I went to town and at least 15 people told me that they had  no
energy, couldn't sleep, had no motivation whatsoever, and that if the last
year, they were feeling worse and worse.  Several of my close friends told
me that they had seen aircraft over the area spraying last fall.  I
personally believe this area is some kind of experiment.  There is so much
more that is weird, I'LL try to cover it quickly.

1st  For three months last summer we had large transport choppers flying
overhead always headed in the same direction north into the wilderness area.
Most of the lights were at night.  Then a good friend of mine went to Larry
Craigs (sen-R) office and also to Dirk Kempthorns (sen) office.  The army
replied that it was a simple 3 day training exercise.  That is totally false
they were moving into and out of that area for at least 3 full months. 

2nd  Another friend went to see an elderly man in horseshoe bend, Idaho.
The man didn't feel very well.  Two days later my friend went to see him
again and was told by his daughter that the man had died. and that they had
no Idea whatsoever what killed him.  A Nurse told us that all the hospitals
in Boise were full all winter and that they weren't supposed to tell anyone

3rd   7 people in Caldwell Idaho died of a strange disease that takes all
the air out of your lungs and oxygen out of the blood. Channel 2 news out of
Boise said that there were no common ties of any kind,  no apparent links,
that could explain how seven people including one infant could all get the
same disease.

They never really found out what it was.

4th  A close friend who works with me suddenly lost his breath one night.
He was rushed to the hospital in Boise. Was put on oxygen the whole way
down,  and in the hospital. Lie was told he was almost dead when he got
there.  They couldn't tell him what caused it.  They had no answers for him
at all even though they did every test you can imagine.

5th  Last Saturday (July 19) while in town for some R&R I noticed what
looked like jet trails,  three or four times that day. All were x shaped,
and all spread out quickly but hung in the air for a long time. 

6th  Last but not least. Following the mysterious deaths in Caldwell,  the
news talked about strange stuff being dropped from the sky over Caldwell.
And that nobody knew what it was.  It was all over houses,  cars, equipment,
shrubs,  etc.,  They said it looked like feces,  but that they were unable
to confirm what it was. Isn't that strange.

Please distribute this information as you see fit....


Here are some supporting pieces of information:

1.  DOD Study: The Effects Of Chronic JP-8 Fuel Exposure On The Lungs And
Secondary Organs (I have a faxed copy of the research proposal on this.)

2.  DOD Study: Immunotoxicity Of Jet Fuel (I have a faxed copy of the
research proposal on this.)

3.  WHO Reports World Wide Epidemic Of Respiratory Ailments.  Their web site
is  World Health Organization WWW Home Page