03:09 AM ET 01/14/97

        New Internet Service by Information America Lets Businesses
                    Search Public Records For Less

    ATLANTA, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlanta-based Information America (IA)
today announced it will introduce on Feb. 1 "KnowX," a unique Internet public
records information service that will enable businesses to uncover background
data, assets, adverse filings, and other public information on companies and
individuals more easily and inexpensively than with other electronic public
information services.
    "KnowX is the most comprehensive public records search tool on the
Internet.  Customers pay only for the precise information they need, and know
precisely what that information will cost before they purchase it," said John
B. Hayes, general manager of IA's Internet Studio Division.  "Legal and
investigative-research firms, banks, insurance companies and other businesses
that were limited to on-site public records research or costly monthly online
services now have a no-risk, affordable Internet alternative."
    Hayes said that unlike competitor services, KnowX has no initial sign-up
or connect-time fees, and provides users with unlimited searching of databases
and viewing of search-summary lists at no charge.  "The only cost is for full
detail records that customers access from a specific database," he explained,
"which are priced on a per-record basis."
    KnowX's databases, provided by IA, include state corporate and limited
partnership records, UCCs, liens, judgments, bankruptcy records and lawsuits.
Real property records and other IA databases will soon be added to the
    Hayes said that KnowX also is unique in its customer sign-up, training,
support, billing and remittance functions, which are all handled online.
"This is entirely a virtual business, which significantly streamlines and
simplifies the information-delivery process for the customer while enabling us
to save on overhead.  The resultant savings are passed on to the customer."
    According to Hayes, KnowX's unique pricing and billing system is enabled
by a "proprietary interface between the web server, the customer database and
the existing IA systems, which allows us to precisely slice, dice and price
data according to the customer's needs.
    "This is a much needed service," he added.  "Based on feedback from test
users, we expect to deliver a product the customer really needs."
    Founded in 1982, Information America has developed one of the world's
largest services that combines public records with information from
proprietary sources to address the relationship between businesses, people and
their assets.  With 23 U.S. locations, IA provides online information and
document retrieval services to legal firms, banks, government agencies and
Fortune 500 corporations throughout the country and internationally.  IA is an
affiliate of Eagan, Minn.-based West Group, the nation's premier publisher of
legal reference and research materials.  The companies are subsidiaries of
Toronto-based The Thomson Corporation (Toronto, Montreal, London), an
information-services and publishing conglomerate with global operations.
    For more information on KnowX: 404-892-1800 or www.knowx.com.

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