Zap your Mail

You can now invest in the same company that destroys all life in your food.
The company that sells the machines that irradiate meat and produce with electron beams, x-rays and microwave is also expected to supply the machines to kill anthrax in mail.
It started its technology for Ronald Reagan's Star Wars.
The gov't is now looking to it for help with killing Anthrax in mail.
The parent company is Titan corp in San Diego, Calif (and other cities).

TTN on the stock exchange.
The daughter company is Surebeam (SURE).
Titan may be the one to provide the Mail-Zapping machines, even tho its daughter company. SureBeam provides the food-zapping machines.

Titan Surebeam 2000 Titan Surebeam 2001
The SureBeam« patented electronic pasteurization system is based on proven electron beam and x-ray technology that destroys harmful food-borne bacteria. (& all food value, like enzymes)
Titan has agreed, subject to the consent of its lenders, to purchase a perpetual and exclusive, non-royalty bearing license to use SureBeam's intellectual property on all applications other than the 1.8 trillion pound worldwide food, animal hide, and flower markets in return for the following:
1) to make available to SureBeam a $50 million line of credit, 2) to convert the current $75 million debt owed Titan to equity via an exchange for SureBeam stock, and 3) a cash payment of $8 million.

Since then, according to the San Diego Reader September 18, 2003:
The day before 9/11, SureBeam stock was worth $7.58. After 9/11, it reached $16.75. Titan's stock roared from $16.25 to above $29 on the hype.
Unfortunately, informed people were pointing out at the time that machines that zapped anthrax in mail would also make videos unplayable, melt tapes and cellophane, injure seeds, and cause all manner of mail mayhem. The post office bought the machines, "but they have not been installed," concedes Wil Williams, spokesman for Titan, and in 2001 the spokesman for SureBeam.
Sales of both SureBeam and Titan got a quick bump, but the contract was terminated last year, and both companies now admit that there is not much future in the mail-zapping business.
1/25/02: Ion Beam Applications (IBA) of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium and SureBeam Corporation and its majority stockholder The Titan Corporation of San Diego announced today that they have amicably resolved the litigation between the two companies.
Under the terms of the settlement, SureBeam and Titan have agreed that IBA and its customers may continue to operate

Flash Pasteurization of Food: Flash pasteurization works by rapidly heating a beverage to a temperature of around 160 -180░F prior to the filling and capping process. The beverage will be kept at this temperature for less than 20 seconds prior to being rapidly cooled via another heat exchanger. This process has some space and cost advantages due to handling the beverage in bulk before filling. The disadvantage of flash pasteurization when compared to tunnel pasteurization is that it requires sterile filling and sterile containers. Keeping the containers and filling system sterile is complex, difficult and expensive. By comparison, tunnel pasteurization processes keep the beverage in a sealed container avoiding contamination issues and guarantee shelf life. Consequently, the majority of beer bottles and cans are pasteurized in tunnel pasteurizers.

Beverage Flash Pasteurizers:
Pasteurization of beverages in bottles and cans is biologically safe but tends to adversely affect the color and the taste of the product following too long and excessive heat applied to the product.
"subjected to temperatures of 71.5║C (160║F) to 74║C (165║F), for about 15 to 30 seconds"
"Juice company Odwalla moved from non-pasteurised to flash-pasteurised juices in 1996 after tainted unpasteurised apple juice sickened many children and killed one."
Raw Foods Heal, --- Cooked Foods don't. (Read More at - Jesus taught Raw Food)
Meats foster E-Coli growth, --- Spinach and Juices don't.
Has there been a conspiracy to plant E-Coli on Juices and Spinach, so the Companies will flash pasteurize everything?
Then it will be impossible to get raw food, unless you grow it yourself.
Next, will big Brother require you to pasteurize your own food, grown in your own back yard?