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Constantine Founded Christianity

Constantine Founded Christianity

The information at is informative.
It asks the questions: "Who founded Christianity?".

Then answers:
The Emperor Constantine founded Christianity as it now is practiced, not Jesus Christ. The church knows it, but won't let the public know.

Emperor Constantine of Rome, who led the Council of Nicea to change Christianity, died as a Christian, but was baptized only on his deathbed. He was previously the high priest of the Sun God religion. That was why he changed the sabbath from Saturday, which was Jesus' sabbath day, to Sunday. Jews still honor sabbath on Saturday, as God commanded, and Jesus also had lived his life honoring the sabbath on Saturday.

For Constantine, a worshipper of the Sun God. Sunday represents the sun; the followers of the sun have always honored Sunday as a holy day.

Constantine was actual founder of Christianity. He was the leader the Council of Nicea attempt to label all opposition as heresy. At his demand, as emperor of Rome, the priests voted that Jesus was divine.
He also changed Jesus' birthday December twenty-fifth, the day of the solar rebirth. The twenty-fifth of December, which is celebrated all over the world, is not Jesus' birthday. (Watch the movie "ZeitGeist" for more on this).

Constantine saw Jesus as a failed messiah, with himself as the real messiah -- as Christian bishop, Eusebius of Caesarea, stated, "It is as if the religion of Abraham is at last fulfilled, not in Jesus, but in Constantine."

Constantine claimed to be the real last prophet the Jews had been waiting for. The Jews couldn't crucify Roman Emperor, and the Christians wanted support; they were being crucified everywhere. Constantine helped them, but for a price. They had to accept that Jesus was a failed messiah, and that Constantine was the real messiah.

The Vatican won't tell this to the public! Most Christians don't know about it. These scriptures are hidden in the Archives of the Vatican.

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