Spirit, Faith & Religion Links

Caution! When you search this area, prepare yourself with prayer & meditation on God.
Be armed with the pure love energy that God wants to provide (if you let him).

Let his light radiate from you in all that you do, and guide you with His discernment.
These sites are for positive reasons (except Anti-Christ =example), but many are untested.

Search only if you feel the warmth of God's love energy encompass your entire being.
Let the Holy Spirit guide you with discernment as you surf the Internet Sites.
If the Spirit tells you to stop, STOP! (you may not be ready, or the info may be false)
Study the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi scriptures, the Books of Enoch & Jasher, among others to understand Jesus's true teachings.

Topics: 1)Basic Christianity,
2)Prophecy, 3)Other Sites,
4)Orthodox Judaism is not Judaism, but Pharisee-ism (denounced by Christ John 8:44), 5)Gnostic Christianity, 6)More Controversial Sites, 7)Beware! AntiChrist-like sites

A Good Summary of Religions Website is here

Basic Christianity:
  • Good overview of Jesus in historical perspective local copy
  • Massive Christian links
  • Biblical Prophecy
  • Searchable Bible text
  • Religious site texts
  • Jesus's teachings, dead sea scrolls, & essenes
  • The Essene Gospel of Peace shows Jesus' day to day teachings!!
  • More on Essenes, Fasting, and Communion with God
    Prophetic Sites
  • Prophecy site Links
    The Jeremiah Project
  • Zola Levitt Presents....
  • Prophecy in the News
  • Prophecy and Current Events
  • Evangelical Bible College of Western Australia
  • Gene Cunnigham's Outreach in Australia
  • Heaven's Gate
  • Reverend David Wilkerson
  • Jesus and Prophecy by az.com
    Prophetic Insights by Goro Adachi

  • Visit the HOPI Indian Nation and read their legends and prophecies in the Techqua Ikachi (The Hopi Newsletter).

    "Orthodox Judaism" is not Judaism, but Pharisee-ism / Talmud-ism
    (denounced by Christ in John 8:44)(Jesus was an Essene Jew, of the Nazarenes)

  • Judaism's Best Secret [text](by Exegesis): Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres denounces modern Rabbis as messengers of the devil. (Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated)
  • current Judaism = Pharasee-ism = Talmudism (the Sadducees died out):
    The Babylonian Talmud is an abomination that twists the truths of the Torah (old testament). The Tradition of the Pharisees follows the Talmud, not the Torah: putting the word of man above the Word of God. [read The Jewish Religion: Its Infuence today" by Elizabeth Dilling (11/83: CPA Books PO Box 596, Boring, OR 97009)]
    (cf: Quotes by and about Jews)
    (cf: More Quotes) (cf: Khazar Jews facts) (cf: Truthnet.org on Judaism)

    Gnostic Christianity (one of the oldest forms of Christianity: ignored by the politics of the Council of Nicea in 325AD), Gospels discovered at Nag Hammadi:
  • Introduction to Gnosticism
  • Gnostic Society - Norway. . Gnostic Archive - L.A. . . gnostic links . . christian mysticism
    ProfoundWisdom.com (one of my other WebSites)
    Other Sites: Spirit & Religion

  • Apocalypse Now: Main Page Apocalypse Now
  • Spirit WWW: USA , .Spain , . Australia , .Asia
  • Millenium: Millenium / Spirit, . . Millenium Matters
  • Great Bible Links!
  • AEON: A Journal of Myth and Science
  • Marina Michaels McInnis' Lighthouse Online
  • Institute for Creation Research (SD, Ca)
  • Walrus: Home Pg of Sumeria's Chief
  • Sun Angel Innovations' WWW site.
  • Provenzano & Sons: Philosophy and Theology
  • The Fortean Times
  • The SPIRIT Web page
  • good list of books
  • Sumeria related subjects. . .
  • Jerry Decker's Keelynet on Free Energy, gravity, UFO's, etc
  • The Theology List
  • Thieme site links
    Some Controversial Sites:
    Christian Identity, Nation of Yahweh, Mormon, etc
    Nation of Yahweh
    Christian Identity
    Mormon info Attacks on Pope by Seventh Day Adventists ?
    Some Other Controversial Sites:
    Bhuddhism, Eastern Philosophy, Metaphysics
  • Links to Misc Religions
  • qabala sites . . jung links . . mysticism links . . other Mystic links
  • Wicca links
  • Scott W Williams' Homepage: Afro-American Gurdjieff.
  • Books on UFOs, Metaphysics, and Native Americans
  • Buddha texts (q-and-a.zip files)
    Beware of Pro AntiChrist sites!
    Caution! the following sites appear to the author to be EVIL. Be careful of sites that claim that Jesus Christ has already returned! Beware of Lord Maitreya and Theosophy (backed by New World Order forces).
    this page contains sites may be EVIL! (beware of Lord Maitreya, announcer of the Anti-Christ & Benjamin Creme) Is Prince Charles a possible Antichrist? cf. Coincidences
    (also: books by Zechariah Sitchin are translations of ancient Sumerian manuscripts that provide details not in the Bible: but are they from the Religion of Baal?