Biggest U.S. News Story in 135 years continues:
Previous INFO was accurate, but CONCLUSION was NOT:
US Judge previously appeared to recognize Common Law Court
of Montana Freemen, now admits that charges are not dropped.
and restarts trial.

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summary of September 17 session: Judge Burns says charges are not dismissed.

(Note: Apparently, the Freemen's charges were not dismissed. Perhaps even Judge Burns apparent recognition of their common law court was was a charade.

Previous INFO was accurate, but CONCLUSION was NOT:

The Biggest News in American History in 135 Years!
transcribed from the Granada Forum @ (818) 385-4003:
News Brief as of Monday, July 22, 1996 - reporter Pat Shannon:
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On Wednesday, July 17th freeman Leroy Schweitzer sat as Chief Justice Schweitzer¹ at a Billings, Montana courtroom and directed the first Common Law Grand Jury to be heard in 135 years in America. The purpose was to pass judgment over a lower jurisdiction. With apparent deference, federal district judge James Burns appeared on the bench without his black robe in the United States courthouse to direct the proceedings. After an introductory statement, he yielded to the superior court in the charge of Chief Justice Leroy Schweitzer, who then alerted the prosecution attorneys to not object, ³because I will only over-rule you².
The Five other justices were freemen Stewart Waterhouse, Russ Landers, Ellen Ward, Ron Scurdal and Emit Clark. They flashed a smile of pride each time judge Burns referred to their old friend Leroy as Chief Justice Schweitzer¹.
In a complete turnaround, Burns recognized the authenticity of the Common Law Court stating that he was disappointed in the American public for falling into an ignorance and slumber, allowing the nation to reach the point that it has. Chief Justice Schweitzer then took over the proceedings and presented the facts to the board of the other five justices.
This Common Law venue is what they have been asking for since long before any confrontation with the FBI and other law enforcement. Amazingly, it was granted.
Chief Justice Schweitzer cited the national Constitution, and out of Montana dozens of sections from the US title 26 and 28 and supplemental US codes to prove the judicial authority of this court to act.
The Justices conferred for a short time before issuing the order for the superior court to abort the forthcoming trial of the freemen by the federal judiciary and to release them from custody.
The 22 American nationals have now been acquitted of all charges and unless someone from the federal side of this legal breakthrough can quickly find something unlawful about this proceeding, this Common Law Grand Jury decision will prevail.
Today, Monday the 22nd, the written order of this court was served upon the Yellowstone County sheriff, the clerk of the County court and reporter, and the aforementioned district judge James Burns.
The time when the freemen are expected to be released,... in a matter of days.
But the national media have ignored this story either because they are not aware of the historical significance, or because of suppression from above by their superiors, or perhaps both.
Most people who hear this say that it¹s incredible. Maybe too incredible to suit many. There¹s got to be a catch here they say. Indeed, to relinquish this power is to release the stranglehold on the American people. Why would the feds do it?
But the freemen fear nothing sinister in this new development, and say that it¹s only the beginning of the removal of long time evils in the judicial system. They see no Trojan horse and foresee liberty throughout the land. The ramifications are endless.
In response to my question, ³Does this mean we may soon be seeing IRS agents and judges and attorneys in jail?² One of the freeman fired back without hesitation, ³You are damned right it does!²

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