Water: Purify it, then Ionize or Structure it

Step 1: Get it Natural - or Purify It

1) The Best Way is to buy naturally pure water. Crystal Geyser is a natural spring water that is the purest water I've seen, available for about $1 per gallon.
2) If you can't buy a good spring water like Crystal Geyser, then find a good quality water filtration system, like purewatersystems.com (the best sequential filtration starting at $699) [or get MultiPure (The best solid phase charcoal potable water filtration systems), or Berkey Gravity Filtration].
3) Or find a water processor in your neighborhood that does more than just Reverse Osmosis and UV, with minimal carbon filtration. For example, Water Town in Bellflower, CA (10245 Rosecrans Ave (562) 461-1959) has a 7-step process of multiple filtrations plus UV and Ozonation, then added minerals.
Many Water Machines have a minimal sediment filter, Reverse Osmosis, and perhaps UV treatment.

[To quote purewatersystems.com:]
High Quality Water Distillers are very costly. Cheap countertop distillers don't last, are a bother to keep clean, and leave you exposed to volatile organic chemicals that will distill right along with the water. Asbestos fibers, if present, can also end up in the distillate. Distillers produce water very slowly, require electricity, and generate a large amount of heat.
Many Reverse Osmosis systems will reduce, but not completely eliminate, most heavy metals and dissolved salts. RO systems perform poorly when faced with fluoride, nitrates, and radioactive particles. Contaminant removal rates are listed under optimal laboratory conditions, but in real world installations performance can vary greatly. Budget systems from home improvement stores often show drastically reduced performance in as little as six months.
Most Carbon Filtration systems can slightly reduce a few toxic heavy metals (mercury), but have no capacity at all to remove dissolved mineral salts (arsenic) or nitrates.

Step 2: Structure It and/or Ionize/Alkalize it

Kevin Trudeau on the Water Vitalizer Plus
You can use the Water Vitalizer Plus on Spring Water or Purified Water. It structures the water using mineral cubes and movement, similar to water running down rocks.
Water Ionizers, like Jupiter or Inagic, usually can't be set up to use spring water or water purified by other systems, unless the system output is pressurized. I don't find most Ionization Systems' pre-filtration to be adequate.

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