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Welcome! Stay Informed! Help rein in Gov't Havoc!
Jump to: Jesus, Tesla Science, HAARP, Chemtrails, Climate Change, 2012 = the END?, Anti-Christ, Federal Reserve Scandal, Zero Out Your Debt, Bermuda Triangle & WorldGrid, SolarFlares, Palestine, Health, Clinton. Freedom is hard to get in Amerika today, because of corruption by Government and Corporations. Learn how the Truth has been suppressed.

Hot Topics Here:
NATO destroyed Libya to get the Oil and give the Rothschilds the Central Bank aka DeepInfo.com/libya
The Downfall of the US - from Rothschild Banks and Corruption, the Eradication of Countries with non-Rothschild Banks aka deepinfo.com/downfall
Interesting info on Obama Lies at Deepinfo.com/obamalies/
WaMuFraud.com - Mortgage Lender Fraud in detail
Bank of America Fraud on me
Being Homeless is not a Crime
Tesla Science - Newly Found Blueprints for his Free Energy Convertor
Is 2012 the END, according to the Pyramids and Mayan Prophecy?
9-11 was an Inside Job - by Bush
Is the AntiChrist Anomg Us? Who is he?
Los Angeles Fraud by Courts and Police
US Concentration Camps being setup?
Kill your Mail with Electrons, Xrays & Microwave and Flash Pasteurization to Kill your Food
CIA & Drugs: Taliban eradicated Opium/Heroin (CIA losing money).
Gov't has created Terror to Gain Power
US Gov't deceived us in WWII, Vietnam, Kuwait, OK, Waco, TWA 800, etc
Palestine has been a subject of Israeli Terrorism for decades.
The Federal Reserve milks the money from the USA via interest on Money Circulated.
Explanation for the Bermuda Triangle: WorldGrid Vortices & Ley Lines
The Church hid the Words of Jesus from us? (see Movies: Stigmata and Da Vinci Code)

Info Sites:Truthout.org, www.bankster-gov-fraud.com, www.blacklistednews.com, FamGuardian.org, sedm.org, TruFax, Devvy Kidd, Soc Sec#not required, PrayerWatch NWO, Tetrahedron.org, thetruthseeker.co.uk/, World Net Daily.com, Free Republic.com, newsmax.com, American Sovereign.com, Drudge Report,

Other Info: Deep Times, Nexus, Illuminati History,
Great New Info! Infowars.com Alex Jones Radio on: Stop UN, NWO, etc. News & Background, FreedomLaw.
  My Is 2012 the End of Civilization? explains our latest enigma -what the pyramids tell us.
According to Peter LeMesurier (in his book "The Great Pyramid Decoded"(1989), the great pathway parallels datelines of human progress in our culture, and it drops off into oblivion in the year 2004.
Exodus2006.com used to state: "The pit begins around 2004 AD, plus or minus three years." 2004-2007 = "Total collapse of civilisation" Read my 2012 End of Civilization?
The Economic Collapse was started about 2007 (Read my articles on Mortgage Securitization and planned collapse
Now, will environmental hazards from solar flares disrupt what's left?
Check out my DeepInfo.com/solarflares.htm
  Washington Mutual Bank has more complaints than any other Bank. Join one of the many Class Action Lawsuits against them, and drop them like a hot potato! See www.WaMuFraud.com (or here).
Zero Out Your Mortgage! The Bank Defrauded You!!! StopBankFraud.com!
The Bank Defrauded You with False Disclosure. You provided the Promissory Note to fund the loan: the bank just monetized it. They did not loan you money! They provided an exchange service. A 1% exchange fee could have been justified, not 300% return in 30 years. They did not loan you one penny! They broke Federal Law by making the false Disclosure that it was a Loan, when it wasn't - it was a simple exchange. Lawyers can make the bank prove under Deposition (Discovery) that the Bank Lied! Not one penny was lent to you - the bank risked no capital. When they prove it under Deposition, they have no other choice than to reconvey the property to you without a mortgage. See our examples at StopBankFraud.com
  Let's Get Real! Most of the Federal Debt is for "Federal Reserve Notes" in circulation.
Let the Treasury issue "U.S. Notes" again!
Kennedy tried it, starting with $2 bills and got killed.
This would eliminate the majority of the National Debt, with interest needed to pay the bearers of U.S. Bonds (mostly the Federal Reserve).
Stop paying interest on a bogus debt!
Then disband the Fed itself, an unconstitutional central bank that reaps interest on currency issued.
Read about the International Bankers Conspiracy thru the Federal Reserve (Billions for the Bankers)
Read the (uhuh.com) 1934 Report by Congressman McFadden on the disasters the Fed is causing on the american people.
More from uhuh.com Fed Scandal page

Report: Antichrist Identity

The Antichrist Identity Full 3 Part Series
Get the truth on the Antichrist and his identity based on recent discoveries on the covert plans of the Illuminati who are master-minding his coming?

Blackout USA

9-11 was an Inside Job
Pres. Bush appears to have participated in the planning of the 9-11 tragedies.
Based on the Facts, it appears that Bush is the Primary Terrorist, (CIA operative) Bin Laden just helped provide patsies.
It's standard procedure for the Air Force to intercept commercial airliners that stray from their flight plan more than 10 minutes.
Bush issued an order not to intercept the day before 911.
If a plane went anywhere near the Pentagon or White House, it could have been shot down, but not after Bush's order.
The twin towers were hit by planes, but expert witnesses
have testified that even the jet fuel would not have been hot enough to bring the buildings down.
According to experts, there is no way the twin towers could have fallen without explosives planted by insiders. (Hi Security)
Analysis of debris blown blocks away showed telltale sulfur and other elements not typical in building materials, but typical in Thermite/Thermate explosives.
Building 7 was not hit by a plane, but it collapsed about 6 hours later, with no official explanation to date.
It housed the CIA, Secret Service, etc, and may be a good excuse for losing key docs that Bush doesn't want to give Congress.
The Pentagon photos released by the press show initially a 16-foot hole in the side of the Pentagon, with no debris.
A 757 would have made a hole bigger than 16 foot, and the wings would have been sheered off outside.
No bodies or suitcases were ever found. More Details Video Proof that a 757 DID NOT hit the Pentagon

Check out What Really Happened? for details on how greedy Politicians have created Terror to gain absolute power: how Rome & Germany lost their Republics, how Pearl Harbor had full warning, how LBJ fabricated the attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin to get the Vietnam War, how Bush wanted to get higher oil prices, so he tricked Saddam Hussein into attacking, by getting US Ambassador April Glaspie to tell Saddam we wouldn't intervene if he took part of Kuwait.(cf: Interview).
To really anger the gullible Americans, George Bush arranged a hoax, using public relations firm Hill & Knowlton, which has grown rich on taxpayer money by being most industrious and creative liars! Hill & Knowlton concocted a monumental fraud in which the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States, went on TV pretending to be a nurse, and related a horror story in which Iraqi troops looted the incubators from a Kuwaiti hospital, leaving the premature babies on the cold floor to die.
Prior to the 1993 WTC Bombing, the FBI had an informant inside the World Trade Tower bombers, Emad Salam, who offered to sabotage the bomb. The FBI told him "no".
The so-called "hot bed" of white separatism at Elohim City, occasional home to Tim McVeigh in the weeks prior to the OK City bombing, was founded and is being run by an FBI informant!

The Gov't has repeatedly deceived us:
There were 2 Oklahoma Bombs, but they won't acknowledge the 2nd Bomb, which it appears they planted.
17 Waco children and other people were massacred with volatile tear gas, where fires were created. Waco Investigator Murdered
TWA 800 was shot down, but the NTSC refused to interview any of the people that witnessed the "orange streak" that shot up from the ground to hit TWA 800. They preferred to say it was a faulty fuel tank. (check: Best & News)
When Clinton bombed the Sudan and Afghanistan, he hit an Aspirin factory and a Muslim Mosque, not terrorist targets. The Gov't & Media are deliberately misinforming you, to get you to give them unlimited Police Power: don't let them do it.
Most Americans don't know why the U.S. was such a great country. The reasons for our "Constitutional Republic" (not Democracy) are not taught in the Schools, or mentioned in the News. Read my summary on Patriot Info to learn why Ben Franklin vehemently denounced "Democracy" as "Mobocracy", and chose a "Republic" in the Constitutional Convention.
The "60 Minutes II" program of April 3, 2001 stated that most americans did not pay an income tax before 1942: the Victory Tax Act of 1942 asked Americans to "Volunteer" to get a Social Security number to "Volunteer" to pay taxes to help win WWII. The program even showed an excerpt of a Disney Donald Duck cartoon designed to convince the US public to volunteer their income for the war effort. The Victory Tax Act was supposed to stop after the war, but people haven't stopped volunteering, have they? Read my summary at IRS Info. (You owe Income Taxes, if you work for the Government, if you're an officer of a Corporation, or if you make money overseas; otherwise, you don't owe anything.)
Read the USA Today full-page articles:
2001/03/02 (Employers Stop Withholding From Citizens),
2001/03/23 (Why you are not required to file),
2000/07/07 (Most Citizens are not Required to File),
2001/02/16 (ex-IRS Agents that Defected - for Truth).

, Most of us feel sick when we realize that Not one dime of IRS money goes to the US Gov't, according to Reagan's Grace Commission: it all goes to pay interest on a bogus debt to the Federal Reserve (FED) , just to allow paper money to circulate as "Federal Reserve Notes". The Federal Reserve is a private Corporation owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, designed to suck the capital dry from the U.S., as the Rothschilds do in Europe. Read Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People
More Links at DeepInfo.com on Jekyll Island

Did we Stop S.2099? Aimed to force all to register guns on 1040 tax form & pay a $50 tax for each gun. [Now in Finance Committee (enter "s.2099")]

Did they stop last year's Bills to Stop Soc. Security # as ID: HR 4611 & S.2699?
Stop Identity Theft!! [Now in Finance Committee (enter "s.2699")]

Stop Bill H.R.3886 & 2896: "Know your customer". Don't let the Feds:
1. Make new requirements on financial institutions & 2. Prohibit many international transactions
H.R.3886 will totally undermine privacy by requiring banks to DETERMINE:
1. your identity 2. the source of your deposit. 3. if you're making "regular and expected" transactions
4. Report your suspicious transactions to the government.(Those who don't fit their guidelines)
They tried to pass this 2 years ago, and got 300,000 complaints. Now, they're back again.
Waco Cover-Up by Reno & Army used at WACO, in violation of Federal Law (Posse Comitatus Act). Waco Expert Witnesses,Executive Orders & PPD-25 used by Clinton to skirt Law
TWA 800 was shot down!! (check: Best, & News)
Was Princess Di Assassinated?

Los Angeles County Police and Judges Fraudulently Jailed thousands of innocent people.

Wikipedia outlines the Scandal uncovered in the LAPD Rampart Divicion, where perhaps thousands of innocent people were falsely imprisoned by "planted guns" etc.
To quote David W. Burcham, and Catherine L. Fisk (34 Loy LA Law Rev 767 2001 Rampart Symposium) : "…judges tried and sentenced a staggering number of people for crimes they did not commit." and
To quote Erwin Chemerinsky (57 Guild Prac 121 2000) : "Any analysis of the Rampart scandal must begin with an appreciation of the heinous nature of what the officers did. This is conduct associated with the most repressive dictators and police states. …and judges must share responsibility when innocent people are convicted."
A review of the judge's Fraud is exposed by InProPerInLA.com
PBS Frontline gave a report that summarized the Conspiracy between cops and judges to falsely imprison people.
An investigation was started, but cut off when it became apparent that the corruption pervaded all of Los Angeles, and other areas.
Attorney Richard Fine proved that Los Angeles County always won in court, because it bribed the judges about $50,000 a year to agree with them.
Attorney Fine was disbarred and thrown in jail for contempt, because he dared to speak out. He's still in jail, and they won't allow him pencil and paper to write a Habeas Corpus.
Blackout USA

CafePress.com Abolish The Fed
Federal Reserve
"CON in eCONomy"
CafePress Political
BumperStickers, etc

Astral Projection How To Book

World Grid: Earth resonates at 7Hz with equidistant geometric harmonic focal points (Ley Lines, Vortices):
Vile Vortices: Devil's Sea, East of Hawaii, Bermuda Triangle (Planes & ships disappear in green fog), Timbuktu, Mohenjo-Daro, Easter Island (evil - Shiva, Cthulhu).
Compare Positive Vortices in-between: Cairo (pyramids), Himalayas (Tibet), Sedona(AZ) (Enlightenment)

Check out Cymatics (Sound Healing/Music Therapy). Sound/Music can heal the body.
Also, check out Admiral Byrd's alleged flights into the Hollow Earth???

Has Clinton had over 50 people killed? Check Body Count
CIA Mind Control Slaves,Sex,Clinton&Bush?
Check Clinton Murder, Background on Rockefellers, etc.

HAARP, Chemtrails, Climate Change, caused by HAARP? (Drought in California and US SouthEast is massive!!)
(cf. Tesla (New Physics)

Philadelphia Experiment: Fiction?:US top-secret mind-control, projects (Philadelphia,Rainbow,Phoenix,Montauk) [I disabled link to konformist.com - had virus 12/6/09]
World Grid of Vortices & Power Points: Overview, 10 Vile Vortices like Bermuda Triangle.
  US National Parks became UN Biosphere Reserves: see email
Drive by Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, Big Bend, Great Smoky Mtn, Death Valley and see for yourself. Their signs say they are all "AN INTERNATIONAL BIOSPHERE RESERVE"
Some (like in Death Valley) say they are offlimits to humans.
See the latest Executive Orders make many Nat. Forests into Monuments
Wall Street Journal (8/30/2000 A26): our Forest Fires are due to "Clinton-Gore decision" to "cut funds for fire prevention"

Consider Home Schooling, HSLDA.org

  The Church hid Jesus' Words? Check the Gospel of Thomas: 1, 2
Watch the Movie "STIGMATA"! & the Da Vinci Code.
Study our other website on this ProfoundWisdom.com
read books on Essene Gospel of Peace, Dead Sea Scrolls & Gnostic Writings at Nag Hamadi! & Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes
Q = Origin of later Gospels, Dead Sea Scrolls
Qumran.com cf.: Jesus as Healer Gnostic Apocryphon of John
The books of Jasher and Enoch were kept out of the Bible, as were many others that gave too much truth.
Did the Constantine and early Church Leaders Pervert Jesus's Teachings? View my Early Church Perversions?
(In "Stogmata", Gospel of Thomas: This scroll was allegedly written by Jesus just after the last supper. The movie is about 3 men who were translating the text for the Catholic Church. When the Church started to see what it was, it kicked out two of the men and the other one took the text and spent his life translating it. After the movie ended, there was a scrolling text before the credits, saying that in 1945, a text had been found near the dead sea that was thought to be the writings of Jesus, and that the Catholic Church tried to hide it, and now denounces it as heresy. This Gospel scroll states that God is not in any physical place, but is IN YOU. The Church did not want people to become less dependant on Church buildings.)
Sites on Sedevacantism (Impeach the Pope): Wiki, 2, 4, 5, 6, (Per 8):9

Read Charleton Heston's Speech Great!!!
Teaching Police to attack "Patriot Groups"
Sheriff kicks the FEDS out of Wyoming
Stop NewWorldOrder: read Vampire Killer 2000 (Order $5 P.O. BOX 8712, PHOENIX, ARIZONA 85066)

IRS fires agent that finds truth: Joe Banister
Report Police Abuse at www.policeabuse.com (They pursue it with DOJ, etc.!!)

Will Solar Flares and Ozone Depletion scorch Earth? Read DeepInfo.com/solarflares.htm and More Links
The Mayan Solar Calendar ends in 2012
The Mayan Calendar charts Solar Flare Activity.
The Mayan Civilization Disappeared from the Cities during the last equivalent Solar Flare Eruption Period.
Will we have to go underground to survive? Read more on 2012 = the END?

DOOM in 2007 or 2012?? Y2K,meteor,comet,Nibiru or all at once?
New World Order Antichrist?
Non-Human UFO Aliens = the devil, demons and fallen angels? Watcher
Revelation 12:7= "great dragon was cast down...Satan...with...his angels"
read info by Chuck Missler 1 & books by Sitchin

Nostradamus: Century 2, Quatrain 28: " The last son of the man with the Prophet's name Will bring Diana to her day of rest. At a distance they wander in frenetic grief Delivering a great people from ruin."
666 is in all BarCodes UPC Symbols - (No man may buy or sell without it) Discussion: Buy the Specs

Check some of the email I've received!
Info on How the Secretary of Treasury is under IMF, not US
ADL passes anti-militia statute in 24 states
NASA story: massive Gamma Rays hit Earth 9/27/98. More to Come?
  Pres.Clinton = KILLER? , email (forget sex!)
Ken Starr & Sex, Judicial Watch looks at Clinton's real crimes!
Was Princess Di Assassinated?
, Princess Di Assassinated?
Too loving for the Opium Monarchy?

Dodi Fayed's Dad sues US for spy data showing plot (CNN) see his website page on inquests for truth
Get the CommitteeOf300Report by John Coleman (Monarchy,Opium &New World Order org)
British China-Opium-Conspiracy in HongKong The City
Islamic Terrorists to use Bio-Terrorism?! Anthrax, etc.
  , 3, 4


More info on Raw Food and Healing at our Live Food Healing .com
Best Advice: Eat Raw Food: Raw Fruit and Vegetables, and Unpasteurized Vegetable Juices (Carrot Juice, Green Juice) - read our ProfoundWisdom.com
Download the Book Live Food Juices - case histories of people healed by Juices and Salads, by doctor H.E. Kirschner, who cured massively with raw food around the 1950's.
Links: Vegetarianism, Interviews with David Wolfe: Part 1 Also Part 1
Amalgam Dental Fillings are Killing YOU & your children. Read more by Dr.Mercola at1, 2, 3, 4.
Vaccines are being found to be one main cause of Autism, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and other problems in both children and adults.
Read Dr.Mercola's info on Vaccine Damage at 1, 2, 3, 4
Dr. Mercola on Microwaving Food Hazards 1, 2, 3
(check Trufax.org and EndTheLie for more)
"Canola Oil" can KILL you. Did the FDA never test it? Our cat lost hair and got boils all over when he ate just a little! Read Canola Dangers
Importers claim Canola Oil is different from Rapeseed Oil (less than 2% poison longchain fat - ONLY 2% POISON!). Even Trader Joe's won't listen.
Genetic-Engineered FOOD is in 60% of what you eat!! Safe-food.org wants to stop it.
EndTheLie.com on Monsanto's War against Organic Farmers and to produce Genetically-Modified Food

EndTheLie.com on genetically-modified Canola spreading as Weeds
The U.S. Dept of Agriculture is actively proposing that animal carcasses with cancers, tumors or open sores be regarded merely as unaesthetic but safe for human consumption as long as the offending part is cut away. The proposal is part of a general loosening of slaughterhouse inspection standards. One critic said she did not want to "eat pus from a chicken that has pneumonia," but included as benign by the proposal are glandular swellings, infectious arthritis and diseases caused by intestinal worms.
(Eat Roundup-resistant Plants!?) Will Roundup/herbicide-resistent crops be labeled "organic" too?
Essenes, Dead Sea Scrolls, Mushrooms, etc,
HIV does not cause AIDS- read AidsTruth.tk
Read more by Dr.Mercola at 1, 2
For info on Water Treatment, check out our Water Page

Israel/Palestine: In the Oslo Accord, Israel agreed to withdraw all Settlements from the West Bank, Gaza, and other Palestinian Territories. Israel violates the agreement and wonders why Palestinians get upset. If you were a Palestinian, living in Palestine (now Israel), and they bulldozed your home (in the 1960s) to get rid of you, would you be upset? Friends, the Terrorism is from Frustration - Help correct the situation and we'll stop the Terrorism!
PostZion indignities
Deir Yassim Massacre [suspended?], Letters to the Editor
Zionism & American Jews
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Non-Negotiable
Watch a 13-minute video of Israeli intimidation of women - strip searches, stealing of maxi-pads during menstruation, etc.

Please Note: this site is not anti-Jewish.
Jesus was a Jew, and many Jews are our Brothers against the NWO (New World Order).
We are Pro-Christian, Pro-Torah(anti-Talmud)Jewish, & open to non-religious (theraveda, not mahayana) Buddhism, Taoism, & Self-Realization Fellowship. (Beware of Lord Maitreya, possible Antichrist)
Trilaterals, Bilderbergs, & other NWO Banksters are Jewish, however:
I don't like those individuals & hope to thwart their plans for the New World Order.
It appears that these ruthless Banksters are not Jews but Khazars that use Judaism for personal gain and epsouse the "Pharisee" belief that man's laws (Talmud) are above God's laws (Torah) [an attitude that Jesus despised]
Read the Protocols of Zion? and Talmudism. Also read Rockefeller Info
20,000 Orthodox Jews Mass Protest Against the State of Israel]: Interesting that the media didn't cover this? Or, as normal.
It is published by www.netureikarta.org , which is Jews United against Zionism.
Also read: www.jewsnotzionists.org/homeintro.htm
Especially, look at the questions to Zionist Rabbis by non-Zionist Rabbis at www.jewsnotzionists.org/tenquestions.htm (outlining the conspiracy to get Palestine at the price of the "planned" Holocost)
Also, read the book [in Hebrew] (www.jewsnotzionists.org/minhametzardomb.htm) chronicles of Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, ztl, of the war years, 1942 to 1945, so aptly named "Min Hametzar" (From the Depths). published in New York in 1961 in Hebrew.
Watch a 13-minute video of Israeli intimidation of women - strip searches, stealing of maxi-pads during menstruation, etc.
The following are 2 anti-Jewish Sites for your comparison.
(Much, but not all of what they say may be true).
Zundel Disputable Info: Holocaust was not just anti-Jewish - it was terrible for all outcasts (& not 6 million Jews killed, but 3,000?)
Studies of the Christian Identity movement will also provide more info
This website does not support hate groups like the Skinheads, White Supremicists, Neo-Nazis, Communists or other extremist groups.
This site does not support Terrorism and killing. Please stop the violence! We need to work through peaceful means to get Israel out of Palestine. Killing civilians does not promote what is right.
Most patriot and militia groups do not fall in to that category of hate groups, even though the Media tries to label them as such.

  • FEMA/IPTF martial law takeover of US? (new Exec Order #13010 creates IPTF) (E.O.13011 to regulate info & EO12919 to seize all property + employ citizens as slaves) Also, HR2202 Sec 118 (National ID Card Law) mandates Soc. Security numbers on all ID?

  • Stop CA DMV: 200mpg carburetor
    Free Books by BranchDavidians (7 Seals Prophecy): 1 , 2 or Order Free Books
    US=bankrupt , w/ no constitution & under War Powers, per Senate Report 93-549
    Patriot Info! What our Founding Fathers set up & Modern Patriots try to recover.
    The New World Odor: slide show on "Odor" of the "Order"
    FBI with bogus evidence? (repeatedly)nbsp; CNN
    US to fight State Marijuana Laws =violate Amendments 9+10=
    (I don't smoke pot, but Hemp is the best source for paper, rope, cloth, etc:
    Pot is no worse than alcohol: Ban liquor too? Or are laws the wrong way to do it?)
    Was Clinton's Executive Order#13038 dropped?
    Ludwig von Mises economics: Real Economic Knowledge!
    Banks are starting to Profile Everyone!
    ED McCabe singled out by IRS because of Health Help
    KCXL radio: patriot broadcasts
    Lyndon LaRouche
    (possible?)How to get your Ticket dropped?

    Global Warming? or Ice Age? (Hopi Prophecy Kit says both!)
    CIA ties to Satanism&Kidnappings?
    Waco Holocost Museum / Republic of Texas Seceded:(Wiki))
  • Alaska and Hawaii prepare to secede from US.

  • IRS fraud - Public Notice by Dan Meador
  • Carl Klang -America's #1 Patriot Singer (real patriot songs!)
    Freemen in court! . (Background )

    NATO allowed KLA to ethnically cleanse Serbs from Kosovo: rape, pillage, kill (see News
    Read: Senate Report, Truth in Media, & email
    Russia to Nuke the U.S.A. because of it? Read WWW3a, WWW3b
    Also: Megalomania, Gold, CIA & Canaan, UK News
  • Service to look up your background, assets & filings in public records (KnowX)
  • FBI to wiretap more
  • /
  • News: US and World (standard and alternative)

  • US-Russia Summit - disarms US !!! / US History docs on Internet?

  • Clinton substitutes Welfare Jobs for No-Work Welfare

  • US Persecution of Michael Williams

  • Djurdjevic's Truth in Media & (Annex Research)

  • Health:Chernobyl '86 causes 30% more leukemia in US kids (New Page!)
  • US girls' puberty before 9yrs old?=estrogen environment / UN regulation of GreenHouses?

  • Sheep Cloned in England! Monkey Clones Mass Cattle Clones

  • US =guinea pigs in bacteria tests? Email w/ bkgrnd

  • Other Sites: Books, Stock Trades, DVD, Computers, Viruses, etc         (our info directories)

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